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Hi I'm cuteascherries, Became a fanfiction addict after a friend recommended it to me and now can't seem to get enough (mind you the evil witch has got me hooked into other addictions don't worry its mainly chocolate, books ). I mainly love twilight fanfics but also open minded to others.

Love lots of supernatural stuff so always interested whether its fanfic, tv , or books.

I'm a med student in London so means if i'm not on fanfic then I'm studying my ass off (yeah right lol) but seriously since i'm on my laptop so much fanfic is a good way to escape the the heavy studying-my family are pretty sure i'm going to get permanantly cross eyed. oh well look at it this way no one will forget me!

Haven't got the nerve to write my own story yet but I am planning my own right now. However I am a big fan of loads of twilight fanfics especially lots of the human ones whch when i first heard about them I thought wtf, thankfully was wrong and can read these until the rest of the Twilight movies are out.

Favourite shows:

Friends, Smallville, Simpsons, charmed, supernatural, the tudors, ugly betty, bones, doctor who, buffy the vampire slayer and many more

Favorite movies:

Chicago, Twilight, Perfume story of a murderer, moulin rouge, and the list goes on mainly lots of horror like scream

Favourite Books:

To kill a mockingbird, 100 years of solitude, the other boleyn girl, twilight series, the colour purple, Hp series, Dark hunter series, the shadow of the wind- this is a really tragic love story set in wartime spain I swear i've never cried during movies or books but this one was definately the closest.

My music is so varied honestly I like anything from christina agiuilera to linkin park. Huge MJ fan and was so sad he passed away (R.I.P the king of pop will live through his music) I had tickets to see his show!

Not the type to bitch other authors for their stories honestly whats the point if you don't like it then wtf are you reading it! Most don't even have the imagination for it so why put others down, I really hate prejudice though I mean isn't life like difficult enough without morons making it worse- its not like someones put a gun to their heads. OMG went on a mad rant there. Sorry but can't help it.

PM if there are good stories or recommendations always looking, like the eternal hunter (except i'm not out for blood and I'm certainly not some goddess looking vampire -sigh)

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