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Hello, I'm Dragon. I started dabbling in fanfic writing on the Looking For Group forums. One story led to another, and before I knew it, not only had I inspired several others to write their own fics, but a seperate forum had to be created just to keep us all organized. I am very glad that I sparked such a flow of creativity, and I continue to write. After I'd gathered so many fics on my LFG lookup, I decided to make a account to post all these fics on, especially since I was beginning to dabble in fics about other things. I love feedback, so feel free to give me some. Reviews make me a happy, happy girl, as long as it's not just "your stories are bad and you should feel bad" or something.
My LFG fics have since been deleted because they were really old and awful and embarassing.

Similarly, my Pokémon/WoW crossovers were deleted because they were really old and horrible and I was embarrassed to have people reading them. Please do not ask me to repost them. Do not PM me asking for them. Do not post reviews on my other stories asking for them. I got rid of them because I wanted them gone. Even if I wanted to repost them, I don't have them on my computer anymore. They are gone, permanently. Stop asking.

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