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Wow almost 15 years of being a fan here.

Looking at 50 now (couple of months). Husband still but I have mid 20's son now!! That is so insane.

FanFic feeds my addition to read, and read without hurting the bank account. But I usually will support a fanfic writer who publishes if I've read a story and they let me know in their comments or author notes they are published.

Will be heading to my first FanFic Twilight Meet Up in MN. Looking forward to meeting the writers and other fans.


Old Profile from 2009

A bit about me.. I love to read. I'm female, in my mid 30's, with a husband and two young teen boys, live in Michigan (most of my life), I also have lived in California (beautiful), and Arizona.

OK back to reading. Mostly as a kid I never liked to read. HATED it. As I was visiting my mother-in-law one summer with the kids, and couldn't sleep, she recommended Harry Potter. I fell in love. I think at the time there was only 3 books out. I started reading other books. And then when my son got old enough to start really reading I started reading other types of books.

Most of the series below are that "series" but they most have endings.. I'm not sure if I like that more or like the Kim Harrison series it's still going.. I like that too.. But I wish the books would come out faster.. Like every 4-6 months instead of a year or more.


Kim Harrison - Rachel Morgan Series (I love fan fiction putting Rachel with Trent (TRENCH). I hope that Kim will one day put these two together, till then thank you too all you writers that share this with us!)

Stephanie Meyers - Twilight Series (I love fan fiction with the different twist you all come up with... I do have my FAVORITES, but I love them all).

J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter - I think it's perfect the way the book ended.

And there are so many others... but moving on


Fruits Basket was the first one I read and love it

Marmalade Boy is still #1

Thanks to all the writers, I really do appreciate you sharing your stories.

TWILIGHT FAN FIC's FAV's -- Currently Reading and makes me smile every time I see an update!

Drowning, not waving» by Bower-Of-Bliss

Fan Fiction, Sex Gods and Single Girls» by bannerday

Words with Friends» by Nolebucgr

Words with Strangers» by Nolebucgrl

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