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A bit about me.. I love to read. I'm female, in my mid 30's, with a husband and two young teen boys, live in Michigan (most of my life), I also have lived in California (beautiful), and Arizona.

OK back to reading. Mostly as a kid I never liked to read. HATED it. As I was visiting my mother-in-law one summer with the kids, and couldn't sleep, she recommended Harry Potter. I fell in love. I think at the time there was only 3 books out. I started reading other books. And then when my son got old enough to start really reading I started reading other types of books.

Most of the series below are that "series" but they most have endings.. I'm not sure if I like that more or like the Kim Harrison series it's still going.. I like that too.. But I wish the books would come out faster.. Like every 4-6 months instead of a year or more.


Kim Harrison - Rachel Morgan Series (I love fan fiction putting Rachel with Trent (TRENCH). I hope that Kim will one day put these two together, till then thank you too all you writers that share this with us!)

Stephanie Meyers - Twilight Series (I love fan fiction with the different twist you all come up with... I do have my FAVORITES, but I love them all).

J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter - I think it's perfect the way the book ended.

And there are so many others... but moving on


Fruits Basket was the first one I read and love it

Marmalade Boy is still #1

Thanks to all the writers, I really do appreciate you sharing your stories.

TWILIGHT FAN FIC's FAV's -- Currently Reading and makes me smile every time I see an update!

Drowning, not waving » by Bower-Of-Bliss

Fan Fiction, Sex Gods and Single Girls » by bannerday

Words with Friends » by Nolebucgr

Words with Strangers » by Nolebucgrl

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