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i'm skown on deviantart,
marsday on tumblr,
and yay4dei or skown on...

practically everything else.
i'm also usually on everything else more than i'm on here.
plus, i'm lazy as hell.
i have some things written but they're either:
+ way~too~short one-shots or
+ drabbles only I would read
+ first chapters to stories that i got started on...
but then got writer's block and couldn't think of anything else.

so i typically just stalk writers on here
and fumble around trying to actually do something.
and fail.


i read way too many things. way too many.


i do lots of weird stuff when i type.
i don't use caps except WHEN I'M RLY EXCITED SEE.
i don't use chatspeak except for the above.
i type double parentheses ))
out of habit.
or something.
which makes reading anything i write painful.
very painful.
I am sort of weaning myself of this
but it will bee a very hard trek {as you can see}

so be glad i'm too lazy to write any full fanfics O 3O

my only current story does have correct capitalization
but i couldn't ditch the parenthesis. sorry.


partially written stuff:

~fma+hetalia (mangaverse).
ed and ling and envy, from gluttony's stomach into a un meeting.
because those three are awesome.

~lots of short drabble-type things
for so much stuff it's insane


as i have a lot of ideas for crossovers
but i'm too lazy / can't really decide on a plot,
i might be writing a lot of idiotic crossover oneshots soon.

as in, maybe before i go to college


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