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Like my beloved Cullens, I am older than I look. I resisted reading the Twilight series because I did not want to suffer the devastation of it ending (finishing the Harry Potter series was heart-wrenching), but I finally relented and thought I'd see what all the fuss was about. Before Edward fled for Alaska, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him and hooked on the series. More than a decade later, I savored my way through Midnight Sun (one of the only bright spots in the dumpster fire that has been the years 2020-2022.)

When I was looking for more information about Stephenie Meyer, I eventually discovered fan fiction. Who knew? I love stories where Edward and Bella find their way together and work toward their happily ever after.

I have lots of favorites marked here - truly too many to list (look below at my faves and you'll see what I mean!)... I had strayed away from fanfiction for a while, but a couple of stories caught my eye last year and I have jumped back in with both feet!

For the record, I am firmly on Team Edward. My mental incarnations of Edward and Bella and most of the Twilight characters include the actors in the movies. Rob Pattinson makes me want to drop my panties. Frequently. He has become one of my favorite actors in general because he can cover an entire range of characters. And in my humble opinion, "Remember Me" and "Water for Elephants" are the movies that will define his progression from being seen as a "movie star" to being recognized as a serious "actor." Seeing Rob do high speed car chases and wielding a gun in "Tenet" was amazing... and on 3/4/2022, I thought I might spontaneously combust watching him transform into "The Batman." Holy Hell that was a great movie! And can you say, "jaw porn?" And who knows... maybe there will be an Oscar in his not-so-distant future...

Here's to our love of Twilight!

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