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HEY! I'm Nanita.

I'm not really a writer, but I'll see what I come up with later on.

I'm more like a uhhh- a reviewer? lol. If you have any good stories about Naruto I'd be more than happy to review .

If you scroll through my favorite stories and authors you'll see AMAZING writers.

I'm in love with NaruHina, SasuHina, & Hinata herself .

But I do support other couples

i was sorta wondering if anyone remembers a fanfic of way long ago, it was about hinata being a member of narutos team and so forth. and it was a sasuhina, the only scene i can remember was that they were under some cave and met up and the hinata saw karin push up on sasuke or something of that sort, it was reaaaaallyyyy long, like it had alot of chapters. does anyone know if it got deleted or something? i've kinda been looking for it for years now.

if anyone knows where i can at least find a summary of torn, i read it so long ago i want to refresh my memory on all the details:

So that's all!

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