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Quick! List ten cats from Warriors!

1. Lionheart


3. Silverstream

4. Graystripe

5. Hollyleaf

6. Lionblaze

7. Squirrelflight

8. Brambleclaw

9. Bluestar


Make up a summary for a two/ten fic.

Jayfeather knew he couldn't fall in love. Especially with the dead. Spottedleaf never thought that, after Firestar, anycat could catch her gaze. Guess again.

That is kinda pedo-ish... O.O

Three and Five are going out. What is One's reaction?

WTF?! Two SHE-CATS?! OoO Love is one hella weird thing... passes out

I would too. O.O

Nine's favorite movie?

IDK, The LionKing II? xD

What would five say if they walked in on four and ten making out?

BREAKING DA WARRIOR CODE~! And, ew, she's dead, too!! (Spottedleaf being a med cat and Graystripe having a mate already)

Seven and Three are in a happy relationship until two runs off with five. Three dumps Seven for ten and one, in retaliation, starts dating six. Seven, broken hearted, has a one-night stand with eight, a brief, messy affair with four, and finally finds true love with nine.

So... Squirrelflight and SILVERSTREAM... Are in a happy relationship...? Until Jayfeather runs off with Hollyleaf...(incest Dx!!) Silverstream dumps Squirrelflight for Spottedleaf and then Lionheart starts dating Lionblaze(OoOdies inside). Squirrelflight, brokenhearted has a 1-night stand with Brambleclaw, an afffair with Graystripe, and finally finds true love in Bluestar.

O.O That is messed up in so many ways, I can't even believe how the hell that HAPPENED.

Make up a title for the above story.

The Creepy and Gay affair of the Warriorcats in Dramatic Form.

That's all. And, by the way, I set you up on a date with six!

Huh? with a cat...? Wait, wha...?! Son-a-batch! =x Although Lionblaze is nice, but, wait, a CAT?! 8x

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