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Progress on recent KHR stories.

I am currently rewriting chapter two because it's just a no from me. Haru and Shaoran got captured too early. I need to wait another chapter or two before that happens.

Thanks again!


Where to begin?? Let's re-do all of this.

Apologies: Many, many, many apologies to my Shugo Chara! readers and reviewers. It's been such a long hiatus. When I look back on my chapters and stories, I cringe and shake my head, wondering how I manages to finished and even make a promise to finish all of my stories. Sigh. What a foolish and naive 15-year old I was. So what's going to happen is most likely this. I will either...

1) Take back all my unfinished work and desperately go back to the drawing/writing-board. Probably re-write some of them or its chapters.

2)Delete the stories I deem unsuccessful and non-interesting so it would be like it never existed in the first place.

3) Continue on.

4) Quit.

Again, many apologies to my readers and reviewers. If you'd like any hope at all that I'd continue and finish, I'll say this. I hate seeing it un-finished. Temari Is Not A Cheerleader (is that what it's called?? Look at me, I even forget the titles), I actually had a hard time trying to see its end since it's close to finishing itself off, never really got there because my brain fried. I got the ending, it's getting to the ending that really got me. My goodness.

On to other stories. The favorite, Two So In Love With One (is THAT what it's called???), is going to need major reviewing, re-reading and note-taking. My first story, I'll be nothing in this world but unworthy if I DON'T finish it. Sigh.

Also, I've deleted the last two chapters to He's A Computer. It's going to stay a one-shot you guys, I made that my final decision.

And the others, well...they're more fun and time-wasting to be honest.


Food I like:

- RICE (Jasmine)

- Bread (French bread and garlic. Though, the bread shop at the bottom of my house is pretty darn good in itself. ...like, you can eat anything with their bread because it's that good.)

- Sushi

- Ramen Bowl (I like the Hot-N-Spicy and Kimchi flavors.)

- My best-est friend's cooking from scratch


Latest works:

Quite the Quiet Pair: On hold.

I have the later chapters of it. I haven't updated it because--and this is truthful when I say--I want to write more chapters of it before posting them online. Sorry for the inconvenience readers of this story. There's another story that's been on my heart for a while.

A Taste of Humanity: On hold.

It's suppose to be really short, it shouldn't take me too long to get back on it since I've already got the beginning down. At most, it's suppose to be a quick 3 chapter story. Hence, there's been another story that's been on my heart that I feel like I should write.


TO MY PEEPS WHO HAVE REVIEWED The Girls of Class 3-E, I HAVE HEARD YOU! MY PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN AND CHAPTER THREE SHOULD BE UP WITHIN THE NEXT MONTH. YOU GUYS ARE MY MOTIVATOR AND I THANK YOU. I was currently struggling with it because chapter three was not funny no matter how many times I re-wrote it. Like, I tried re-writing that darn story ten times, I kid you not.

Your guys' love is awesome. I finally had the courage to read the reviews for that story so I am on it!



Hello my KHR readers! Concerning The KHR Groupchat Which Nobody Asked For, this story got removed from the site. As per last story pointed out by catspats31, solid chatfics aren't allowed on this site. I'm assuming a lot of people reported it after that. Geez, lol. Feel free to DM me for more though!

I sent an email to the the admin's of fanfiction(.net) to see if they could update their rules, but I have yet to hear anything back. They were quick to down my story though and not to get back to me. It's pretty off-putting, to be honest.

I encourage you all to send an email to admins though if you think chatfics should be posted. Or if the rules be changed/updated in general. I was going through the some of the rules and guidelines, stories can't be written in 2nd person, can't be interactive with their readers/reviewers, etc. This is about all one can do to try the change the rules on this site.

Thank you to everyone for your thoughtful reviews. I'm so glad that the effort I put into it was able to make many people laugh during these times. Here's to hoping one day, solid chatfics (and other) stories will be accepted on fanfiction(.net) in the future. Thank you.


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