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The Basics:

I'm 22.
I found Twilight a little late in the game. I read Breaking Dawn first (out of boredom). I became hooked.
CM fangirl since high school. I ship Morgan and Garcia with every fiber of my hopeful being.
New Whovian.

I fave everything I've ever read/am currently reading.

To quote pretenderfan "I love stories where the less than beautiful woman in society terms. is a sassy, non conformative wallflower, and becomes the woman no handsome man can live without."

Recommending you read So Not A Goodbye by Bren Gail http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6615155/1/
Its a JJ/Morgan fic that I think is so heartfelt and truly shows the friendship that these two have. It's a goodbye story that's pretty heartclenchy, especially if you snotsobbed all through the episode (JJ) like I did.

I am on the Twitter and the Tumblr. Feel free to find & add me.

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