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Vivronkasaur, the zany pokemon.

Let's see. I'm 20. female. live in cali...

i like to write, read, draw, sing, and play LOTS of video games :P (current addictions being Rock Band and Pokemon)

I'm really kick-back most of the time, I write when I'm depressed, but since I haven't been all that depressed lately, haven't been writing much... but i'm trying to so yeah.

Haven't been writing... at all... hahaha...

Project: Lucy and Xiro (update 09-05)

So, Lucy and Xiro. Not my first fanfic, but DEFINITELY much more thought out than the others :P I wish I hadn't posted it immediately (got some crazy stuff i wanted to throw in ;; buuuuut i can always re-write it...)

Haahahaahahahahahahahaaa. Blame WoW.

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