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OK, so apparently I'm here to stay a while; might as well put a profile up.

First off: the lovely image you see to the left was made by temtationable; she made me one with Aureya on it as well, and got her perfect too. I put Shrem up for the moment though. (Thank you sooooo much, they are both incredible... particularly because that's pretty much how I imagine them both.)

About me:

I honestly don't think personal info matters... if you're an actor, you should be good at that... who cares about your personal life.

If you're a writer, you should write well. So, I'll give you the mere basics.

I moan about being old all the time, but fortunately, I'm younger than the main cast of Star Trek 2009, with the exceptions of Anton Yelchin and Chris Pine... the latter only beats me by a sliver. (I know, I said personal info is irrelevant, but I did check out the age difference between the original cast and the new... turns out, it's only about 4 or 5 years at the beginning of the series... how mad is that!)

I love stories in all their forms, be it books, movies, TV shows, history, or anything else that could vaguely be considered as a narrative.

I've always written fanfiction in my head... long before I had a concept of the word. I love my OCs, but am a total bitch about being wary of them in other people's writing. Some work, most don't. (I'm sure lots of mine don't work either, but hey, somebody has to love them.)

I stop reading in a fandom once I start writing in it... which sucks a little, but I'm just that paranoid about being pulled in different directions. I was reading TBBT for a while, but like most fans, I've become a little bitter about the writing on the show. (Turn something witty and clever into something silly and farcical, why don't ya?) I've just come off a massive Harry Potter fanfiction binge, and am still reeling.

Terry Pratchett has ruined me for serious fantasy and Sci-fi... and I thank him for that. (Sometimes... and then I curse, because how cool would it be to still be able to write those mad convoluted fantasy novels?)

About my stories:

Half and Half: Ahhh, my firstborn. I'm just so proud that I completed it; I do wish the ending had been a little sharper, with a little more 'umph!!", but hey, it's done, and it was a wonderful experience.

We like 'em young and a little broken: Hmmmm, my problem child. I'm really confused about readers' responses to this one. I know it's by far the oddest of my stories, but getting 400 hits on chapter 4, with only two reviews, and then getting 150 hists on chapter 10, but 5 reviews... well that's just downright mystefyin'. But hey, it is a beast all of its own kind: 4 POVs, multiple plotlines, and only the slightest of red threads to tie it all together... it's peculiar alright.

All Blue and Green: The overlooked younger sibling. Another oddity, a sequel without the original main characters. I know a lot of you were really disappointed that this is not about Spock and Aureya, but I've said this to a few people already, I just want them to be ridiculously happy with each other... what sort of a lame story would that be. So, give this one a chance, it's finally coming into its own, and I think, while its more frivolous than H&H, the underlying emotional themes are a little more realistic and mature than those in H&H.

The Prototype: The unplanned pregnancy. Yea, this one came out of nowhere, it was, and still is, entirely without structure, I'm just indulging in the creative flow with this one, a luxury I can only afford because I started with the ending... or rather very close to the ending.

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