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Cringing so hard at young me. 23 now and might write again eventually... Maybe xD.

Welcome to my profile. Im your average Inkweaver, incase youre wondering, but im by far no master of words like Fenoglio. My talents lie in singing and fire. I love fire, I love it's extreme powers and destructive forces as well as its ability to warm one like an old lover. this is me, guys. love it, hate it, idgaf what you do really. i like inkheart, harry potter, anime of many sorts, yaoi, and most of all BLACK VEIL BRIDES. they mean a lot to me, and im working on a story for them that involves my OCs Milly Jewelz and her bestie Riley Joner. yup, i chose the names. so sue me. heh but im broke so you wont get much- which leads to another thing. incase anyone misses my disclaimers on the stories, I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING! THUS ME BEING BROKE! SO DONT ASK, DONT GET PISSY, JUST BUZZ OFF YOU CREEPY LAWYER PEOPLE! ahem. that is all. btw, im 18.

Some of my quotes:

Me to my mom: "I hate this cold sore. It's different if it's like right below my lip or off to the side where I can easily explain that it's a cold sore. Not here, where it looks like I got punched in the face by a seagull with a nose job!"

Me: "and one day, I shall RULE THE WORLD! BUAHAHAHAH-coughcoughhackcough- fuckin turtles..."

My Mum: "Did you feed the cat?" Me: "We don't have a cat, you madwoman!"

Me: "AND IIIIIIII-EEEE-IIIIIII, WILL ALWAYS LOVE-" My best friend: "Bad Brauven, no Whitney!"

me, talking to some random people in a dream: "and then he died. Like, he died so hard, he died to DEATH!"

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