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I am a wife and Mother of 3. Born on April 6th ,year is not important.. Ha ha. I love to read Harry Potter fanfiction. I have read all the books more than once and seen all the movies more than once. I own all books and movies also.

My favorite characters are Ron, Hermione, Luna, and Harry in that order. My favorite and best couple(in my book)is Ron and Hermione!!!!!!! I like Harry and Ginny as a couple but find Harry and Luna to be more interesting. I mean in the books Harry had more conversations with Luna than with Ginny.

I also like to read or watch anything supernatural. I like to watch Eureka, Sanctuary, Warehouse 13, Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Haven. I have read all the books written by Ann Rice. I love the book Bless the child, but hated the movie. I love my family and friends. I love American football to the point that my Husband has to band me from ESPN during football season. I am a Saints fan, yes I am apart of the Who Dat nation and have been since I was 3.

I am looking for a good fic that stars Ron and Hermione as soul bonded lovers. I would also like to read a good time travel fic about Ron and Hermione, where their adult minds are placed in their 11 year old bodies and they have to live thru their young lives again with their adult memories. I would love to see what they change in the past and what they do not. I would really love to see both these ideas in one fic if possible.

If anyone knows of a good Ron and Hermione time travel or soul bond fic, shoot me a pm so that I can read it.

Things I don't like to read;

Fics where Hermione is paired with any Slytherin.( Draco, Blaise)

Fics that pair Hermione with Tom Riddle.

Fics where Hermione falls in love with the men that rape her.( Draco, Lucius, Tom)

Fics where Hermione is paired with any old guy she knows including her Proffessors.(Snape, Lupin, Sirius)

Fics where Ron has sex with family members.

Fics where Ron and Harry are gay, No offence to being gay, they just aren't.

Fics that bash any of the Trio or the Weasleys.

Fics where we have Super Harry.

Fics that are listed as Ron and Hermione but when you read them they are obviously Hermione and Draco. They start off with Romione and ends with them but every chapter in between is Hermione and Draco.

Reviews that are as a guest and all they do on every chapter is critize the writer. I mean it is ok to not like a character or an action/behavior of a character and give an opinion on that but if you have something to say that is negative on every chapter and nothing good to say on something you like in a fic than STOP READING IT!!!! IT IS NOT FOR YOU.

I am so ecstatic to report that I am receiving e-mail alerts again,I am over the moon with happiness!!!


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