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Did you know that I originally hated Twilight? I thought to myself, "oooh big romance, big deal" and "vampires that sparkle? WTFFFFFFF" but that was because I watched the movie before i even considered reading the books and frankly, I don't like the way Kristen Stewart plays Bella. It has actually only been since I started reading the books and roleplaying twilight that I got into it, funny huh?

You can call me Shideh, sounds so much better than my real name! I am Hedonist, Darwinist, and Wicca as well as a future aspiring director, writer, author, and producer.

I'm 17, I love meeting new people, I'm living in England, my best friend lives in Scotland, I have a boyfriend of six months, I have perculiar interests in Greek Mythology, Sylvia Plath, the country of Iran and the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet, and now I'm going to ask you something

Have you sneezed during the time you have read this?

Which book in the series is your favorite?: Breaking Dawn

Edward or Jacob?: Its pretty even

Alice or Bella?: Alice

Twilight or New Moon?: Twilight

Eclipse or Breaking Dawn?: Breaking Dawn

Emmet or Edward?: Emmett

Jasper or Emmet?: Emmett

Topaz eyes or green eyes?: Green eyes

Vampires or Werewolves?: Werewolves


- Mrs Norris should have secretly been a woman that eventually gets together with Filch!

- The statement above will be the only mention of Harry Potter I will ever give, the movie of the Half Blood Prince seriously disappointed me.

- Many characters on Twilight have been seriously ignored, I joined fanfic to read about the characters that perhaps weren't as main as the Cullens, Bella or Jacob.

- My favourite Twilight Cullen couple? Emmett and Rosalie.

- Kim/Garrett FTW

- Team Edward or Team Jacob? Edward/Neither, I think guys should stop getting crushes on Bella and realize there are some awesome females in Twilight!

- I am more of a shape-shifter supporter than vampires, and more of a Volturi supporter than the Cullens, they're just too overdone.

- I'm not the usual Bella+Edward crazed fan. Emmett is my guy

- I roleplay Twilight a lot and in fact own my own Twilight roleplay site.

- I get bored very easily of the same old fanfics, i like those that spice things up, maybe pair up couples that no one ever considered! I recently read an Angela/Embry fanfic and I loved it!

- I really don't like fanfics where there is suddenly a miraculous reason vampires can have children and next thing you know all the Cullen couples have children! I think thats really boring, I really do.

- Any other questions? PM me!

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