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Disregard all stories on my favorites list. I looked them over and realized that they are all mediocre. If I could erase them, I would.

Mini rant here. I googled one of my favorite reality shows. (the Othersiders). And I found that there is an Othersider FANFICTION section. This is nuts. These are real people. You need to treat them with respect. I feel embarassed FOR these people. Tell me if you agree.


Artemis Fowl: Minivera x. Artemis, Holly x. Trouble.

Harry Potter: Remus x. Lily, Scorpuis x. Lily(II), Harry x. Hermonie

Twilight: Bella x. Tylers' Van

Percy Jackson: Percy x. Rachel

If I said something about your story that you don't like 1) It's true. 2) PM me about it. But I expect you to be polite, as I will be to you. 3) Get over it.

Responses to angry PMs from angry authors.

I like my story. That's all that matters. No. I don't like your story. And to me that's all that matters.

You don't have any stories posted. You can't judge. Firstly, I have written stories and gotten favorable reviews. Secondly, I can (and will) judge.

My character is NOT a Mary Sue. You're just jealous of her. No. I'm not. Your character is a crappy character in a crappier story.

You are just jealous of my writing skills. Nein. I'm much too vain to be jealous.

My quotes:

"I am a good CHRISTIAN girl so shut the HECK up!"

"I don't know why I'm laughing. You just look funny."

Miranda: Religion is darkness. Science is the light!!

Me: And I'm the fanatic.

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