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Hello everyone and to those who have read my Pokemon story "A Human and his Gardevoir" yeah unfortunately it got removed because of FanFiction. They removed it because of some stupid reason and I have to reload everyone. Sorry about that and I promise I will try reloading everything when I have time. Until then take care and hopefully I will get things back up soon.




T.V Shows: Wrestling, NCIS, Law and Order, Burn Notice, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, 1000 ways to die, and Bar Rescue

Movies: The Avengers, Transformers, Jaws, Predator/Alien movies, Star Wars, and 20,000 leagues under the sea

Music: Linkin Park, AC/DC, Trapt, System of a Down, Skillet, Drowning Pool, and many more.

Anime: Soul Eater, Bleach, Digimon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, and Dragonball, Z, & GT.

Cartoon: Teen Titans, Star Wars The Clone Wars, Avatar the Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra, and Danny Phantom.

Video Game: Halo, Batman Arkham Asylum/City, Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 & 2011, Aliens vs. Predators, Star Wars battlefront 2, Star Wars the Force Unleashed 1 & 2, and Tekken 5.

Hobbies: I like wrestling, reading, playing sports, hanging out with my friends and family, riding my car, writing stories, and relaxing.

My OC Characters

Teen Reaper:

Name: Isamu Ishida (means courage or bravery)

Born: on December 1, 1989

Appearance: 6ft 2inches, has short black hair, white eyes, has a wolf tattoo on his right shoulder, and tan skin.

Outfit: Wears a regular soul reaper outfit, minus no sleeves, and wears boots instead of the sandals

Zanpakuto (Shikai and Bankai): Shiroi ōkami (white wolf) big knife shape fang without a hilt and Jū kusari shiroi ōkami (heavily chain white wolf) changed to a knights shape sword, and the handle had wolf markings on it

Attacks (Shikai and Bankai): Shiroi kibatte (White fang), (Bankai) Urufufanguburēdo (wolf fang blade) and Ookami no ikari no bakuhatsu (wolf rage blast)

Likes: Reading, spending time with his wife, friends, family, and rivals. He enjoys sparing with his sister and mentor. And loves horror movies.

Dislikes: Hates bullies, criminals, all form of bad guys, and people getting hurt.

Bio: Isamu’s parents were born in the Soul Society and were once Soul Reapers before leaving to raise their children in peace. Years later the parents were murdered by a rogue Soul Reaper named Talsein Yamamoto. Isamu and his sister were trained by Ronin Suzuki, a friend of their parents, and by Hanako his granddaughter. They were trained for years mastering their powers at age 14 and master Bankai at age 16. The rest of their lives is explained here:




Name: Hikari Ishida (means light)

Born: on July 7, 1992

Appearance: 5ft 8inches, short brown hair, brown eyes, and a fox tattoo on her right shoulder like her brother’s tattoo.

Outfit: Same Soul Reaper outfit, but like her brother it is without sleeves and has a long pink scarf.

Zanpakuto (Shikai and Bankai): Shirogitsune (White Spiritual Fox) and Kyubi-no-Shirogitsune

Attacks (Shikai and Bankai): Ignite Shirogitsune! Leaving behind a trail of flames as she twirled it around. She lifted her sword over her head summoning a towering flames from the blade. The bright flames formed themselves into the shape of a feral looking four-legged beast. Several streaks of deep crimson appeared as well forming into the beast’s eyes and fangs.

Hikari yelled as she pointed her sword towards her enemy signaling the beast to lunge at her. The beast incinerated it’s opponent. Hikari pulled the sword back behind her head as the creature returned and incinerated its opponent.

Zanpakuto: Kyubi-no-Shirogitsune! At Hikari’s command every one of her sword burst into flames and circled around her head. As the two of the flames leapt from four of Hikari’s swords and homed in on her enemy incinerating the enemy.

Likes: Loves eating her friend’s food even if it looks gross and weird, loves spending time with the people she loves, and loves fighting.

Dislikes: Like her brother she doesn’t like bad people, hates people that try hurting her family, and hates people who kill because it’s fun.

Bio: Same bio as her brother, except she was trained by Hanako and became a strong Soul Reaper who mastered Kido spells and mastered her powers at a young age. The rest of her bio is from these:




Power Rangers Star Knights outfits:


Bullying Problem

Adults say they know better and if the kids have problems like being picked on by someone then they should tell an adult.

What happens when that adult does nothing and the kid is still being bullied? The parents say to ignore those people and they'll leave them alone.

What happens when that doesn't work and it gets worst for the kids? Then the parents talk to the parents and they get the kids to try and get along.

What happens when the kid is still being bullied and the kid is beaten up to the point where the kid tries to take their own life? Then the parents blame TV, Video Games, Movies, Comics, and they transfer their kid out of the school and into another.

What happens when the kid is still being bullied in that other school? Then the parents will realize their kid is being bullied and try to stop it.

Parents if your kid is being bullied stop being stupid idiots and do something. Don't blame TV, movies, comics, or video games. Blame yourselves for not believing in the kid. Because if you don't then the kid will end up having a miserable life or killing their self or the kids in their school. Stop being idiots and pay attention to what is wrong with your kids. Adults if your kids are also causing problems in school and are bullying other kids don't make excuses for them do something. Stop your kids from hurting others and then we'll have schools that don't go through with these problems.

To the teachers stop being idiots and help out too. Don't ignore the problem. You're job is to help kids not be lazy and do nothing. People like you are garbage and need to be taken out of the school before you create more garbage. If your being bullied and need help but the school won't do anything? Then go to the administrators and report them or heck get the news involved and tell them the schools don't do crap. Record everything that goes on in school and show them the problems that go on so that they can take action against these types of schools and maybe the parents will stop being idiots and do something about it.

Oh and to the parents who abuse their children and hurt them. You are also the biggest reason why we have bullies. You create them and hurt these kids to the point that they hurt others, do drugs, or kill themselves. You are the reason we have so much problems and we have to rise up against this. If you know anyone who is being bullied by their parents then report it. This problem is what we're dealing with in America. Fuck the politics they need to stop wasting our times with problems that they created and start helping the future generations. Without them then America has no future and the only future we will be like the Roman Empire, an end.

Rise up children, teenagers, and college students. Don't let your parents be abusive against you. Don't let teachers tell you to ignore being bullied. Don't let bullies bring you down. Find others who feel the same problem and rise up against these people. There is strength in numbers and with all of ours cries being heard then nothing can stop us from having everyone hear what our cries are. Good luck to all of you and I hope many of you get the help you need against the problems many of you I'm sure are going through.


Stop me if you have heard this or know someone that this has happened to. Someone makes a plan on what they want to do in their life. They plan it out and don't tell their family because they are afraid to be judged. They eventually to tell them, but soon regret it when they are judged and are told the idea is stupid.

To grow up and to do something real that pays. Like that's the goal of everyone's life. To do something they are not happy with, but do it for the money. Your happiness doesn’t matter, your dreams doesn’t matter, and anything you say is stupid.

Those people close to that person then begin to try controlling their life. They don’t let that person speak their mind, because they think they know how that person’s life should be like. That their opinion is worthless and they want that person to be their puppet. Does that sound fair?

Is it? Especially if that person tries to speak their voice, but is laughed at, is felt low, and they make that person feel like their options mean nothing to them. That everything that person has done for them doesn’t matter. Is that love?

Is there any love if keep trying to control that person's life? They say they just want that person to be happy and have a future. There is no happiness if they control that person’s life and there is no future if they make that person feel worthless. This forces the person to ball up their feelings and not say anything out of fear of being turned on by everyone.

Is this still love? No, it’s not. Stand up, speak your voice, and don’t hide it anymore.

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