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Hi! :)

An introduction of myself:

First and for most - I don't watch that much television, but for years I have been in love with the action/drama show; Third Watch. I also love professional wrestling (WWE RAW, ECW, and Smackdown!), and on occasion I watch The Big Bang Theory for my comedy release from the world :)

My first love is music. I live, eat, breathe, and sleep it. No matter what I am doing, music is always playing. If not over speakers, then it's my iPod, or even music playing in the back of my mind. It's always there! I play acoustic guitar, and a little bit of piano (although I have not played in years).

I also love writing. I have always had passion for it... but I have huge tenancy to get writers block - which can cause a serious lack of inspiration. All though, after a few days I'll be back to my normal self, and get that sudden urge to write some more.

Want to know more? Leave me a message and I'll get back to you! :)

Picture's of from my stories: (Just so you can get a small idea of what I'M seeing in my head as I write). BTW, I DO NOT own any of these images. I found them all on Google.

Far Away:

Danielle 'Dani' Nash: Click here
Maurice 'Bosco' Boscorelli (even though I'm sure you all know what he looks like, LOL): Click here
Chapter 18 - "Baby, It's Cold Outside" (When B&D are laying near the fireplace watching the snow. This is almost identical to what I had imagined the scene would look like): Click here

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