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Soul Favorite Games(though very limited): Jak and Daxter series, FF7, Dissidia 12(Need to finish Tidus part),pokemon games, Assassins Creed, and Kingdom Hearts series, Final Fantasy 14(It a online ps4 game I'm currently playing with my lit sis. It recently came out with Stormblood to continue the story)

Manga that i read: Ubel Blatt, 1/2 Prince, Negima, Naruto, Bleach, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Soul Eater, Fairy Tail, DNAngel, Baka to Test, Cerberus, Yureka, Okane Ga Nai (yes i know what type of manga it is but it amusing),Katekyo, Deadman Wonderland(I manage to live from reading this manga but only barely), Dark Air(I was really amused with this manga), Amatsuki, Needless and Needless Zero(read Zero first before Needless), EXEcutional, D.Gray man, Witch Hunter, Jumbor, Monster Hunter Orage ...The legend of Zelda(the Edge and The Light)(The Majoras Mask)(Oracle of Ages)(Ocarina of Time), Cyborg 009, ao no exorcist(blue exorcist),black dog(it funny), Levius(mech. boxing/steampunk looking manga seems interesting maybe), Attack on Titan(I was surprise with the manga over and over again. I find the 3 main crazy people that animes tend to have I laugh when I did), Sword Art Online1&2(I loved Season 1 Esp 19 and season 2 esp 13)..

Comments that soul found funny from the fanfics.

"Previous assumptions that you would be annoying and almost useless have now been neutralized," by Gamma in Kingdom Hearts: Puzzle of Truth :x: Chosen One ch 16

"I sense a great disturbance in the perv," by Jiraiya in Jiraiya's last student ch 15

"Well, that was an interesting meeting. We haven't all gotten together since Orochimaru ran away 7 years ago. You think if someone brings him back from the dead we can do it again?" Kisame in Yet again, with a little extra help ch 47

"Statement: Master does not believe in overkill. Joyous Statement: There is only open fire reload." by Hk in Jedi Knight Naruto

Kotetsu's Rules Of Shinobi Conduct in mischief rewind

1) Only give 90% of your effort on a given task. You may need that 10% for getting away.

2) It is better to date a civilian girl than a kunoichi. They're easier to impress, generally cheaper, and quite frequently a lot more sane. Civilian girls are much less likely to appear out of nowhere and then start throwing B-Rank attack jutsu your way because you missed their birthday.

3) Becoming a jonin is overrated. You make a more appealing target for enemy-nin who want a reputation, you're more likely to end up in a bingo book, the pay isn't that much better, and you're much more likely to end up with missions that involve outrageous amounts of death and destruction.

4) When confronted by strange glows and the smell of rotting meat coming from a hole in the ground, the mission has gone south and it is time to run like hell

5) Paperwork will expand to fill any available time and desktop space.

6) Eldritch Horrors can ruin your whole day. Avoid.

7) The relevance and accuracy of any information is inversely proportional to how easy it is to acquire that information.

8) If there is one building in the target area guarded 24/7, rigged with alarms and traps, and has inhuman screams occasionally rising from within - that is almost certainly your target. Except in the Village Of Helsford, that's their hottest restaurant. Don't order the crab legs.

soul favorites video games comments:

"Thinking of you, wherever you are. We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend. Now I will step forward to realize this wish. And who knows: Starting a new journey may not be so hard or maybe it has already begun. There are many worlds, but they share the same sky - -one sky, one destiny." -Kairi, Kingdom Hearts II

Here a challenge from soul( Warning im a huge naruto fan so im srry about the crossover selections):

The crossovers will NOT HAVE HAREMS IN IT for reasons I will not say and the Pairings for any Naruto one is NaruHina:

PM me if your using one of these challenges so I can tried to read them as well.

Ranger's Apprentice and Naruto- Naruto and RA worlds are separate by a barrier that Naruto somehow broke through bcz of this Naruto is trying to find his way home when he ran into Will and Halt. This meeting change their lives forever.

Kekkaishi and Naruto-

D.N. Angel and Naruto- Naruto is transport to Dark's world after the battle with Madara and the ten tails(plus our certain rabbit goddess/demon spirit will from zetsu..still wondering how that happen). After learning that he is not in his world nor it a illusion(from movie if u seen) searches high and low for clues that might get him home. During his searches he runs into Daisuke at the park(I'm sure u guys u know which one)during his sketching moments when Dark felt something odd coming from Naruto. Dark plans to find out what it is that our poor ninja is hiding but is it something he going to regret later or will Naruto be his greatest ally yet.

Shugo Chara! and Fairy Tail-

Shugo Chara! and Dn Angel-

Dn Angel and Fairy Tail-

Naruto or Kingdom Hearts and Jak and Daxter(any of the game versions)-This idea came to me when I was watching Jak and Daxter Crazy Files on Youtube

1/2 Prince and Naruto- Transport to Second Life game. Naruto will have to team up with Team Odd in his quest to find a way home or be stuck in Second Life game forever.

Yureka and Naruto- It similar to how 1/2 Prince manga is built but it has more comedy and serious moments.

Naruto and Cyborg 009( I got back into the series again plus the re-cyborg movie was awesome)- In this crossover Naruto is immortal and Joe(009) is Naruto's descendent. Joe(009) has charka but Naruto sealed it away after Joe(during his younger days before turning cyborg) prove at the time when he miss use his abilities(depending on which cyborg 009 series we talking about the manga or show since they have some differences). Naruto later appears(pick one where he can appear in though the best ones are when Joe is badly beaten up for some reason makes the shock and surprise more fun) and see that Joe(after Joe turns cyborg) learn his lesson and unsealed his charka. Just so you know 001 doesn't know about Naruto and Joe relations because of a seal he put on Joe so when Joe get mind read Naruto won't be shown as a safety measure and can't be used against him if he face off against someone with that type of power. Naruto can't be mind read either because of Kurama(kyuubi) prevents that from happening.

Naruto being immortal gives him a lot of time to do other stuff besides training so he studies all types of stuff that he can get his hands on. So he pretty much famous in the science/arts(acting is one of them)/food/entraining communities that even 002 through 004(001 has a excuse since he a baby) knew about him back then which is pretty long(006 and 007 see him as their idol). Which is funny when they see him since they think he be a very old man by now but see a young teen and Joe not shock by this and introduce him as his grandfather (too many great otherwise). Naruto goes by Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze in this series. Naruto married Hinata back in the past and when he see 004 he thought that he was a distance relative from Hinata's lost clan( if u look at 004's eyes it makes me think that). Naruto never remarried and is content in watching his great many time over grandchildren over the years. Hopes that Joe(009) and 003 would become a couple one day. Naruto is quite knowledgeable about Black Ghost org. even though they try to recruit him(the reason for Joe's memory blocking seal) and he reject them each time. He disappear one day so Black Ghost won't kidnapped his grandson into doing what they want(saw how that turn out but it gave him at least 10 years before that happen)him to do(remember the madness machine that made weapons useless similar situation). He doesn't really jump into their battle because they need the experience but he will jump in when they needed him the most kind of like a secret weapon. He makes sure to teach Joe more of his heritage and his new abilities(though it really old but Joe hasn't use them for awhile so he needs to relearn them again) in Joe's spare time.

Naruto and Blue Exorcist: Naruto is a immortal being before the age of demons. Sasuke ,once friend of Naruto, turn into a demon now named Satan. At their last battle with each other Naruto made Sasuke sworn not to hurt or use Naruto's descendents for any reason or face Naruto's wrath since Naruto had shown mercy to him in that last battle(Naruto took away his Sharingan, it abilities, Chakra, and his lightning techniques so it not past down). But what happens when Sasuke broke that oath when trying to force Rin through the gate the first time when possessing Shiro? Let just say that Sasuke now going to face the wrath of the Neo Sage of Six Paths next they met and somehow Rin somehow gain Chakra after the ability of it disappear from history for over million years. Secretly smart Rin and somehow alive Shiro(sorry but he too cool to die that quickly in the manga/anime).

Here literally a new challenge since I notice very little ff14 stories.

What I want to see is either a crossover or pure ff14 story mostly.

It must not have a harem.

If u have a account within the game itself then you can use your own character name. You don't have to list the world your from or if our part of a free company unless you really wanted too.

You can write about your friends from the game but must have permission first since after all it their character.

If u do not have a account then please have basic idea of what the game about and plus don't give them the most weirdest ass name ever like toilet paper(I have seen some weird names when playing the game).

also any1 who play the early version of the game like before the Realm Reborn is very welcome since I like to hear tells about that. Plus I wasn't aware of the game until a couple of years ago so I haven't seen a lot of cutscenes videos about them.

(any1 who curious mine current world is lamia part of Phoenix Storm FC)*warning we do not like ppl who steal and leave from the fc*

Angel's DZ ficition Challenge

Naruto and Dragonball Z- A story of Minato being a saiyan who later became a super saiyan and uses his sealing knowledge to keep him in that form. Requirements is it must a be a Minato/Kushina and Naruto/Hinata pairing. No Harems period. DBZ characters are allow as long as you explain on how they got there. Also allow Sakura and Sasuke bashings. Naruto must not be a total idiot.

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