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Just a quick note for anyone that bothers (and yeah, I will get around to making a proper profile-thingy here like what other authors have eventually) to look at this page; Yes, I am working on chapters for my stories, as well as getting the first few chapters finished for some new stories that i've been thinking about for forever now. I won't post those any time soon though, as I wish to get these current ones mostly, if not completely, done first... Unless you all wish to see more fic's from me. Feel free to send me a PM with either a yay or a nay on me posting some new stories as well as working on/posting updates for the existing ones.

And I sincerely apologize for taking so long about updating. I'm even working on the next chapter/installment of my one-shot collection of Link x Allen club-related fic's. I am kind of seriously amazed that people are still favoriting or reading it, to be honest... but i get emails about it and feel bad that i have yet to add a new chapter for it (or for any of my stories honestly). I have mostly finished the next ones for TFoK (Two Foxes of Konoha), and I am at least mostly - if not completely, i will double check later - done with the next chapter for MoG (Made of Glass).

Info On Me:

I love anime, manga, Video Games, writing, and music.

Favorite Anime: Too many to choose from...

Favorite Food: (don't think anyone cares but...) Ramen, or pocky (seriously addicted to pocky)

Favorite Group(s): No.1 favorite group: BTS

other groups I like: UVERworld, GACKT, Nightwish, Girls Generation, KOKIA, Linkin Park, Evanescence, AQUA, N*SYNC (don't give me weird looks, I loved them when I was younger and still like them), BigBang, Nightwish, Disturbed, TXT, Ateez, and Stray Kids... to name a few.

Youtubers I watch: LemonEatingKow mostly, FinalFantasyPeasant, Playstation Access, Outside Xtra, and FBE (React; Teens, Elders, Kids, etc)... that's about it really... the occasional reaction video...Any BTS reaction video I stumble across as well as: The Murisan Family Vlogs, The Mexinese Family, Jose Ochoa, Flawless Kevin, Fo Squad, RTTV (just BTS or K-pop reactions), Dylan Alvarez...Tectone, Asian Guy Streams, Dish, Tuonto, Sekapoko, etc for Genshin Impact

I also follow: Taekook-lives, etc

IMPORTANT UPDATE: (to anyone that likes my stories enough to look here)

I have a computer again! (Kind of a no duh since I posted a new story) I don't have anything from my old one, so any work started on stories on that computer are lost...

If you ARE reading this, I will keep updates posted on here when I can and when I remember.

Currently Working on:

Chapter 8 or 9: Two Foxes of Konoha (TFoK) - Errrrr... yeah, I will get to this eventually... =_='

Chapter 10(or 11): How Two Potters... (HTPCE)

Chapter 18: A Shot of Magic (and Ch 5? 6? of Stray Bullets)

Also, I am thinking of writing a new story! It will be a Harry Potter crossover with Tokyo Ghoul! With a fem!Half-Ghoul!Harry. I have already written a first/introductory chapter which is to explain my version of this mixed magical and ghoul universe... Not sure if I will post it any time soon though..

Now KH3 has come out and I've been playing that most if not all the time now. Not to mention the idea for yet another HP crossover (which has been bugging me for a while now of HPxKH)

I honestly have no idea where I'm going with The Two Foxes. It is currently on the back-burner and I should maybe call it a hiatus? I'll get to it at some point... maybe...possibly...

Stories In-Progress[not posted yet:

-From The Ashes - HPxOP crossover, Ace is reborn after Marineford as fem!Harry Potter... Working on having at least five chapters ready before I post it though... to hopefully help keep up with semi-frequent or regular at least, updates.

-Tales of Oceana - Tales of Berseria x Harry Potter crossover. Fem!Harry is sent to Berseria-world(called Desolation) and adopted by Mahina in Haria Village, Southgand. Planned 3-part which carries into Zestiria, with HP world as part 2, Zestiria as part 3.

-Kitsunebi Anne and Fire Fist Ace; HPxOP; Fem!Harry, reborn as Gol/Portgas D Anne, Ace's twin sister...dunno if I'll ever get around to posting this...

I have also discovered a series known as 'Mairimashita! Iruma-kun" or 'Welcome to Demon Acadamy Iruma-kun' which I love and want to write a [surprise, surprise] HP crossover fic to! That won't be up for a while though... since Iruma-kun series is still fairly new it looks like (manga has 233 chapters available, anime has two full seasons completed)

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