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I am your friendly ocean tiger, floating about, boldly going and scribbling away. Pleased to meet you as well!

Here, you will find slash, crossovers, and a plethora of alternate universes. My Star Trek: 2009 fics still dominate, but hunt around for my other stuff as well and you won't be disappointed. I always appreciate reviews and constructive criticism. Please bear in mind that it's been several years since I joined , and since then my writing style has grown and changed, as it continues to grow and change. As a universal disclaimer: I don't own the characters, I don't own the worlds, I regret nothing, I take nothing back.

Before I go, an update: I am now also on Archive of Our Own (took me long enough!), under the username OceanTiger23. I'll be cross-posting on both sites from now on, and retroactively posting some of my more recent stuff.

Thanks for visiting,

OceanTiger13 (6/5/17)

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