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Danke! My "The Unscheduled Liberation of Stalag 13" won the Papa Bear Award for Best Crossover. I am quite flattered; I hadn't even known it was nominated.

Background I've been writing fanfic for nearly thirty years, and I am now putting some of my stories on-line (if the 'zine is out of print). I've done stories, filksongs, and/or (very bad) poetry for Star Wars, The Master, Blake's Seven, Magnificent Seven, Airwolf, A-Team, Alias Smith and Jones, She Spies, The Sentinel, Firefly, Barney Miller, Star Trek, F Troop, Maverick, Wizards and Warriors, The Wizard, Stargate SG-1, Highlander, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Blazing Saddles, Apple Dumpling Gang, Commander in Chief, Ghostbusters, Quantum Leap, Powers of Matthew Star, Incredible Hulk, Nanny & the Professor, Threshold, The Avengers etc., etc., etc. Suffice it to say my tastes are fairly eclectic, although I prefer science fiction, fantasy, action-adventure, and westerns. I have a marked preference for crossovers. Being a cheapskate, a crossover always makes it feel like I'm getting more for my money.

I am not horribly cyber-literate, and may be slow at adding stories to this website. My older stories were originally typed on a typewriter, and I will need to get out the fanzines and retype them into my word processing program before being able to upload them (download them?) here. I'm old-fashioned enough to prefer 'zines to 'netfic, and except for ficlets, most of my new stories will be printed in fanzines first.

Hobbies and Interests: Highland Games, Renaissance Faires, Science Fiction Conventions, Native American Pow-Wows, history, genealogy, baking, reading, writing.

"Kirsi" This story is currently on hiatus. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8450851//1/Kirsi I saw Thor: the Dark World, and it's going to affect the plans I have for "Kirsi." I'm not sure whether I should ignore the movie, and make the story AU, or shorten the time frame, and have everything take place before the movie. It may be a while until I get back to it.

Pet Peeves about other people's stories on FanFiction.net: 1, not bothering to proofread. I'm an ex-teacher, and I expect you to write as well as, or better than, my third graders. SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation, And Grammar) is important. 2, apologizing/bragging about how horrible you are at writing summaries. Say what you need to say, then get on to the story. 3, bragging in the summary how yours is the world's greatest story, especially when it's obvious you don't own a dictionary. The best investment I ever made was a used 8th grade grammar book, that I picked up for fifty cents at a thrift store. And you can pick up a paperback dictionary for a dollar or two. 4, posting a story with a good beginning, and never getting around to the middle and the ending.

Biggest Complaint The four-letter word euphemistically referred to as 'the F-word' is M-rated vocabulary, not T-rated, and most definitely NOT K or K Plus.

Thanks It's probably poor 'netiquette to brag, but it amazes and delights me that I have readers on six continents, and that forty of my one hundred and thirty-eight stories are in sixteen communities. Spasibo. Tapadh leibh. Gracias. Danke. Mahalo. Merci. Domo arigato. Thank you very much for reading my scribblements. (But really, would it kill you to review? Pretty please?)

Awards and Nominations I was nominated for FIVE FanQ Award nominations in 2013, and won Best She Spies Story with my SS/Supernatural crossover, "Kally." (Despite that, it hasn't been reviewed once yet here.) My "Those in Darkness," a crossover of Hogan's Heroes/Phineas and Ferb, won the Gold Medal for the Papa Bear Awards for Best Crossover! Both stories are posted at this website. I was nominated for three FanQ Award nominations in 2014, and won Best Dr. Who Story with my drabble "The Empty Office." I was nominated for one FanQ in 2015, Best Supernatural Story, and lost, but I did get an Honorable Mention for Best Threshold Story.

Illustration: The picture above is Edinburgh Castle. I don't own it, either, anymore than I own most of the characters and settings used in these stories.

Recent Reading For those who enjoyed my "Family and Strangers," the second story in Debra Noellert's Finding Family Sentinel/Mag 7 AU, I am pleased to announce Deb has completed the sixth story in the series, "A Good Guide is Hard to Find." I recommend 80sarcades' Hogan's Heroes stories and Jordre's HH AU series, and can't wait until she writes the next story in the series. I am also crazy about CFVici's "Hard Time" seaQuest novella, and its sequel "Not On My Watch." I've also been reading Criminally Charmed's Thunderbird and Numb3rs stories, Jake Crepeau's Voyagers! stories, The Third Biker Scholar's Biker Mice from Mars stories, Northumbrians's post-Harry Potter stories, rthstewart's Narnia stories, TheKnittingLady's Criminal Minds stories, and I highly recommend Lucky Gun's and Aggie2011's Avengers stories. Also a lot of HP AUs, from a variety of authors including but not limited to Deco's "By Baker Street Station, I Sat Down and Wept," Book of Changes' "A Study in Magic," AJ Granger's "A Different Introduction," and Stellar Magic's "One World."

New Addiction I am as crazy about The Avengers now as I was about Blake's Seven back in the mid-80s. I'm reading all the Avengers 'netfic I can find (except for the slash stories, or the ones that the summaries make clear are extremely Mary Sueish). I have five Avengers ficlets finished, three posted here ("Locker Room, " "No," and "Apology with Pizza") and two published in the fanzine Diamonds and Dynamite #2 from Agent with Style, an MiB3 crossover and a Person of Interest crossover drabble. I'm playing with six other Avengers stories, two crossovers, one AU, one challenge-response, and two Mary Sues. (Hey, I don't like other people's Mary Sues. That doesn't mean I still don't write my own.) One story is 50 pages long already, and I'm debating whether to post it on-line as 'netfic or finish it and submit it to a real fanzine. Given the speed I write, Avengers 2 will probably be on DVD before I finish these six stories. (5/25/2015 -- I saw Avengers 2: Age of Ultron yesterday, and ALL my Avengers fanfic ideas have been Jossed. I don't know whether to abandon them or finish them as AUs.)

AO3 I now have an account at , under the pen name SusanMM. I will be cross-posting my stories there.

Worth Reading http:///index.php/twc/article/view/243/205 "There came a generation that knew not mimeo." Cynthia W. Walker and Paula Smith discuss fanfic, cons, Mary Sues, and how things have changed (and remained the same) over the years.

Current Writing Projects The plot bunnies are bouncing faster than I can grab 'em by the ears and toss 'em in the corral. I am working on four Harry Potter AUs, but I don't intend to post them here until I have them at least halfway done (possibly not until they're finished. There are already too many started-and-abandoned stories on this website). I have some The Master plot bunnies that are teasing me. I'm trying to come up with a plot for the third UNCLE's Knight story. (#1 and #2 are posted on-line here and at AO3.) And I'm playing with the Sentinel/Stargate crossover that I scribble and abandon every year or two. (At the rate I'm going, I'll be on social security before I finish the darned thing.) My writing mentor has urged me to put fanfic on hold whilst I work on writing and selling stories professional, and/or working on my novel. But the plot bunnies for fanfic are more cooperative than the plot bunnies for profic.

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