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Not much to say about me. I'll probably update this as I go along...and whether or not I ever get my computer to upload what little I have in the way of stories.

On March 19, sometime in the afternoon, my Great-Grandmother Gigi died from an unspecified sickness. She was 92 years old. 03-19-2010

Is anyone else getting any weird glitches from , where it shows the story is updated but when you go into it, for some reason it doesn't appear updated? Bugging the h* out of me. 02-09-13

My dog is being taken in tomorrow to be put to sleep. I...can't seem to stop tearing up, no matter what I do... 5-19-13

Today, my Australian Shepherd, Misty, was put to sleep. Me, my younger brother and father were with her when it happened. We were all crying. 5-20-13

If anyone happens to read this, google SOPA 2014, go to the white house petitions site, and help us stop pro-SOPA forces from crippling the Internet. 3-16-2014

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