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Seen 'em one! Seen 'em all! An I am one... one mad kid! Yep! Anime X is the name, writing's my game! I luuuuuuv X-men and Anime and Musicals and WWF! Anime X is what I think is called an anegram ... ya know... when you mix up letters of a word to get another. Anyway it's the letters of my name Maxine see... same letters ^_^! As for couples, I'm not a romance writer, but I don't mind reading it! My fav couple is K/18 from DBZ, I like Takari from Digimon (JENNY! YOUR FAULT!!!!) I like Lance/Kitty from X-men Evolution, um Tenchi/ Ryoko from Tenchi (DUH), Matt+Lita from WWF, un 6/9 from Gundam Wing and several others that I can't think of right now! My characters are... DBZ: Trunks/Vegeta, Tenchi: Washu, Gundam Wing: Duo, CardCaptor Sakura: Kiro, Digimon: Tai (but unlike you Jenny I don't like him like that), Escaflowne: Tough sontest between Myrle and Allen... don't even ask why, X-men Evolution: Logan, Kurt, Pietro, WWF: Well.. not characters... wrestlers ya know what I mean, Chris Jericho...

That's all for now! BYE

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