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I don't write love stories I write tragedies.

Stories to Come and in progress: Update (June 2016)

Harry Potter: "The possibility of ones choice" Let's leave this story as may never see the day of light.

I can't finish it, or I will not bring myself to publish it.

Harry Potter: I'm thinking of starting a small story. Small chapters.

Little about myself:

I am not a writer. I have written. I have typed. I have even published. Yet, I do not consider myself a writer. I can articulate words and imagines; However, I can not grasp the concept of English grammar. I find myself to ashamed to ever publish work again.

I am current attending College. I can neither agree nor disagree if I am intelligent. I think that knowledge is a non conclusive semantic.

I am a realist which can be interpreted as a pessimist.

Quote: "I doubt therefore I think; I think therefore I am"

My tumblr: iambloodoftheoldvalyria

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