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Hello there,

im your good old fellow from europe and after reading tons of excellent and not so excellent fanfics I decided to join and review stories and so on. Who knows. I might even add some of my own stories once I feel to do so. This site keeps my head sane.

All-time favorite Animes:

- Neon Genesis Evangelion (the new movies rocked my world)

- Cowboy Bebop

- ToraDora

- Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

- ElfenLied

- Macross Zero OVA

- Zero no Tsukaima

Currently I am learning Japanese. If anyone wants to join my efforts or knows someone who can speak japanese and wants to help me, contact me. I'm a lazy ass and learning all alone is...well...not fun :)

This is something I encountered often and hate the most...the three worst mistakes one can make writing a fanfic:

1.) Mistaking "Your" and "You're" - come on guys, seriously...whats with that?

2.) Mistaking "though" and "thought" - I dont even know how that 't' can be missed...

3.) Incorrect use of "I" and "me" - erg, i dont wanna explain that.

I'm not a native speaker but seriously, those are second grader's mistakes.

That's all for now, see ya!

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