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The chapter updating system has apparently been fixed. Should the same issue happen in the future, the same applies below. I am under the same name in AO3.

NOTE: FFN is broken right now. New chapters are disappearing from the browser. If you are here looking for my story Something Wild, there are two options for dealing with this:

1. Chapters are still working on FFN Mobile app.

2. I have uploaded the chapters (and the new one) to Archive Of Our Own here. I will update both sites.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully FFN Staff fixes this.

Hi there.

I made this account when I was in about 6th grade or so. Lots of the stories on here are from my tween-teen days. Full disclosure, I’m only keeping them on there for the sake of accountability — yeah, I’m responsible for those messes.

Currently 24, have a full-time adult job, and am just returning to the world of FanFiction writing. I don’t think I ever truly stopped reading.

Right now I’m working on a Twilight FanFic named Something Wild. Check it out. If you’re here for Guidance, I’m sorry. I was much younger and following Stephanie Meyer’s lead on cultural appropriation. I’m not continuing that now that I know better. Maybe one day I’ll rework it entirely.

That being said, please do check out the real-life Quileute Tribe at the Quileute Nation website and their Move To Higher Ground Project at the MTHG website.

Thanks for visiting.

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