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I've been on this site for a LONG time. Please Note the last time I updated this Profile was back in 12/06/2010. WELL over 10ish years ago. I thought I'd take a look and see what needed to be changed or added.

I don't read a lot on this site much due to how most of the Authors I read moved over to AO3. Its a much better site and run by people who actually care. (Plus I did Learn a bit about coding going over there!)

Not much has changed I still Read A lot. But work does put a stop to binge reading stories. So sometimes it can take up to a week to read a few chapters! Terrible I know, I suffer from it.

Thank you for Taking the time to read this! I hope your safe and doing well. In this hellish World going right now.(Edited 02/02/2022)

Here's an Inuyasha site I have written on.(They are terrible, But you know first starting to write looks like that)


This of course is the deviantart site... I have some stories on here as well. But yeah the age is easy to tell they weren't much older than the other site.


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