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Hi and Welcome to my profile.!

I read Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series about one and half years ago. It was recommended to me by some students at the high school I work at. I love vampire stories/movies and so I quickly jumped in and read the books over winter break. I had not read something, in ages, that I couldn’t put down until I had read from beginning to end.

Soon after checking out S.M.’s official website and browsing through her recommended Twilight sites, I found one that got caught my eye. Actually it was a certain writer that caught my eye and who I have followed for over a year now. Of course, you all know how one thing leads to another. After building a library of favorite writers and their stories I found that many post on this site and so this has become another all time favorite.

While I have attempted writing my own fiction story, I’ve come to realize that I’m a much better reader. LOL……And while I follow so many stories, writing at this moment is just not possible. Perhaps someday I will post a little something here.

Meanwhile, I’ll just read one of many of my favorite stories. Please check out my list below. I truly recommend each and every one and will say that anything these authors write is worth reading.

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