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Is an author mainly of Power Ranger's fanfics which are not available At Fanfiction.net but is branching out into other areas. In case anyone is wondering I am a male and I live in the US. IF you are looking for In Search of a Family go to and use any author's profile to link over to Userid 20118 I use my real name there and I don't want to list it here. Here at FFN my main concern is Amy's Time at Hogwart's year 5. If for some reason a story doesn't get updated right away then drop me a line.

Amy's TIme at Hogwarts Year 5 First uploaded November 23, 2004 4 chapters:
Amy's Time at Hogwarts Year 3: Completed

Other Foot The Next Generation: This Story has been pulled due to a perpetual backburner state. If it ever comes off backburner I will put it back up.

July 22nd 2007 Post Deathly Hallows: At this point I don't see Amy's Time at Hogwarts continuing. I got busy with original fiction and to be honest I wasn't sure what the major plot for Amy's fifth year would be. I also don't see Other Foot The Next Generation ever returning. That story as well is just a pile of dust gathering bytes on my PC. I will be leaving my fanfics up though.

Will I be writing a post Deathly Hallows fanfic. Well J.K. Rowling did leave lots of material for the fanfic community in how she ended the series. Thing is I haven't decided yet I want to re read the last few chapters before I try and sketch anything out.

Important Notice about my Harry Potter Fanfics

I know there are a lot of Canonical lapses in my stories such as full names not being correct (Especially in Harry Potter and the Moral Dilemma) and certain characters still being alive when the later stories about Amy Potter taking place. BUT if you are to look at the published and updated dates you would see that especially Harry Potter and the Moral Dilemma was written prior to Book 5 being released so That has to be factored in. IF I wanted to could I have gone back and reworked my stories to be more Canon compliant as of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Sure but at that point I was concentrating on writing Original Fiction. Probably two of my favorite post Deathly Hallows Fanfics are Harry Potter Happily Ever After and it's Sequel Harry Potter The New Marauders by PotterfanSteve and HE worked Solely off the Epilogue to Deathly Hallows and the Weasley Family Tree is different than the official one.

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