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Hello and thank you for visiting!

I've been reading on Fanfiction since 2003. I've favourited all of the stories that I've been waiting for an update and eventually decided to make a list (with the url beside the name) on a word document and I frequently click on the links to see if any stories got updated yet. I never thought of making an account here because I didn't think that I would have to; I don't think I’ll ever write any stories and I’ll always use the same name when I review.

/ But some people set their review settings so only members can review (I don't know why...). So that's one of the reasons I wanted to make an account on this site eventually. Another reason is that my computer is REALLY starting to run out of space. And One of the reasons is because my list of Fanfics is taking up 9 pages on the Document (and quickly increasing).

Finally I decided to make an account on July 18, 2009 because this site has a "Story Alert" feature and I decided to transfer all the stories from my list, one by one. I'm a bit sad that it won't have EVERY story that I've read because I read a lot of Inuyasha fics when I first started reading on this site and I've long deleted the links from my Favourites long before I made my list on Microsoft Word because I finished reading them. There were many good Fics and there's no way I'm going back into the Inuyasha section and hunting for them because of all the Fics I read, the Inuyasha category has the most number of fics.

When I review stories, I use the name Hitomi, and that's what I wanted my pen name to be on this site. But someone already had it, GRRRR! So After 30 mins of trying different names that were taken, I finally came up with something that was hopefully recognizable to others when I review.

I very much look forward to reading more fanfics on this site from now till the future :)

OH and question! I really love jack-adam's works but unfortunately, he's hung his cape on FF for good because he's having a novel published! If anyone can reach him or know the name of the novel (and his real name so I can look for it at the library), please contact me!

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