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Just a head's up: Should my stories get deleted for whatever reason, I will move them to at least one of three other sites. These being: , or . I am hoping that FanFiction.net will rethink their standing on the ratings system, but if not, there is my plans for the future of my stories.

6/4/2014 - I have decided to take a bit of a break from teaching taekwon-do. I'm hoping this will give me time to update NOMT again. I will try to finish chapter 34 as quickly as time allows.

Thank you to all who read and enjoy my, and all other works here on .


I am an avid reader of most things manga and as such was able to find this site while looking for some literature to fill in until certain series start up again. I am most interested in seeing the parings develop in Naruto and am currently working on my own large fanfics.

Naruto: One Man Team - Chapter 34 @13% written 70% planned out.

5/6/2012 - OMT chapter 33 published!

Sold - OneShot - Hinata centric - Complete

Writers that have my permission to use my ideas:
Sage of Seals - Naruto Reads Naruto
fg7dragon - Naruto Chaos Mage
AProcrastinatingWriter - Going Once! Going Twice!
SoulEmbrace2010 - Naruko Uzumaki: The Dark Angel
akumanokami17 - book one a new begining
MarkusK - Unknown at the moment

(Note: If your name is not on this list and I gave you permission[I know I missed at least one, let me know so I can get it up there. If your name is not on this list and you're using my ideas, get permission now or face you punishment.)

Favorite pairings:

Naruto x Hinata -Just too good of a match
Naruto x Ino - Blonds have more fun
Naruto x Hana - Let the beast out
Naruto x Hokuto - See NaruHina
Naruto x Isaribi - Similar pasts, both seen as monsters
Naruto x Tenten - I dunno I just like them
Naruto x Sakura - Not my favorite, but she's coming around

Shikamaru x Temari - too troublesome to explain

Neji x Tenten - She seems to be one of the few he doesn't look down on

Sasuke x himself - Sorry I don't like the guy

Kiba x Hinata - It's close to, but not quite, the same as NaruHina

Lee x no one - He's annoying

Shino x no one - Too much of an introvert

Konohamaru x Hanabi - chibi NaruHina

Choji x Ino - Hey, she even said he's cute when he's thin

Kakashi x Anko - Perverted man seeks frisky woman
Kakashi x YĆ«gao - Meeting at the memorial stone

Jiraiya x Tsunade - Yeah they are old, but they're also into each other if you couldn't tell

Gaara x Matsuri - Gaara fan club #1a
Gaara x Sari - Gaara fan club #1b


I made up a little chart for reference while writing one of my fics. It's a list of possible elemental combinations based on the properties of the original five in Naruto (Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Water) and what they could combine into that could be considered a kekkei genkai. Feel free to use them, though I do not have the Japanese equivalents for them at the moment.

Fire Wind = Combustion (explosive)
Wind Lightning = Storm
Lightning Earth = Metal
Earth Water = Wood (or life depending on your Naruto interpretation)
Water Fire = Steam
Fire Lightning = Flare (quick, extremely hot burst of fire)
Lightning Water = Gas (Explosive or poisonous depending on jutsu)
Water Wind = Ice (Go Haku!)
Wind Earth = Sand (And Gaara!)
Earth Fire = Magma

The only other two I chose as possible types would be:

Yin = The base for shadow manipulation and the sharingan attacks
Yang = healing jutsu and the byakugan's abilities.
The rinnegan would be a mix of the two.

Hey look at that! I flipped the paper over and found some more notes:

Fire Earth Lightning = Volcanic eruption
Water Wind Earth = Tornado (could be landslide too I suppose)
Water Wind Lightning = Maelstrom (or Hurricane)
Fire Wind Earth = Explosion (stronger then Combustion)
Fire Lightning Water = Monsoon

Or try this:

Fire Wind Lightning Earth Water = Void (Did someone order a black hole?)

A note on bashing in fics:

I love it. It's comedic relief for long stories and keeps the reader entertained. People say that some of the bashing is uncalled for, and that the characters in the real manga/anime/book don't really act like that...That's why this is fan fiction, it's a story by our rules. If you want the story by the original author's rules, go read their works. When you're here though you're in our world. Like it or leave it, I'm not making you read my stories.

Pet peeves (Things i hate seeing in fics):

1. "To say they were shocked would be an understatement."
2. Unfinished fics

Harem Haters:

I want to point out that in Japanese manga, a harem tale doesn't necessarily mean that the main character will end up with multiple marriages to the opposite sex. The story may simply involve many love interests, but have the main character only actually fall for one in the end. One story that shows this side is 'Love Hina'. I won't spoil it for anyone who is reading the manga, but it is considered a harem story. (Note: I'm not totally against the stereotypical harem either as long as it's done decently. Harems are very real whether you think they are moral or not. If you don't like it, don't read it.)

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