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I'm an ooold person who loves to write and read angsty hurt and comfort. I've written Harry Potter fiction under a different name at ffnet. Now I've rediscovered Emergency, Man from Uncle, the original Hawaii 5-0 and other shows from the 60's and 70's and have had fun writing a little in those universes. I also enjoy writing for the new Hawaii 5-0, but I'm horribly behind as far as the series goes. I'm still back in the first two seasons! (although I'm interested in writing Chi's character!). As always, I'm out of character in some places and add my own ideas in others. I've been reading a great deal and will try to contact and definitely cite anyone I borrow characters/ideas from. I do not use a beta so all mistakes are mine; feel free to let me know about punctuation/grammar if that's your bailiwick.

On the personal side, I live out in So. California and remember watching Emergency, Starsky and Hutch, Adam 12, among others, being filmed in downtown Long Beach and Los Angeles. Back when the media wasn't so crazy and the actors could wander about without being completely swamped. McDonald's hamburgers were a quarter and postage a lot less. Of course, the air is much cleaner now and I was just a kid with a lot of freedom and a bike, (later, a car, but that's a whole 'nother story!)

I'm also an advid photographer. Starting back in the late sixties with a 126 camera through the 110 phase (very short!) and on to SLR's and b/w. I had a great job when I was 18 at a film developing plant. They'd load my cartridges and all I had to pay for was the proof sheet. I still have several banker boxes full of negatives. My husband was sooooo happy when digital came out (I held off for awhile, but he bought an early model). So I still tend to shoot hundreds of pictures and only find maybe a dozen I like. My entire extended family are used to being models at will, although my son and brother are the only two that embrace it and perform.

Thanks for reading.

Raven (aka MM)

I've posted over at the Harry Potter under the name "Raven Dancer".

PS: I enjoy email! Feel free to write me at:



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