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Name: Snow Leopard Freak

About me: I am 15 years old, I love to do motocross and writing. Fanfiction has always been a thing of mine, and once I discovered that there was a site for it, I was ecstatic. I've written several stories in notebooks, that I may post at a later date, but

You guys rock, R&R, and i really hope i won't need to remind ppl about this 24/7. Reviews are loved!

Books and Comics: To many so many books- it's hard to even think about them... If I were to really list them all- we'd all be here another 25 years. ^_^

I love the Harry Potter Series, the Inheritance Series, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Karma, Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, The Avengers (New and Original), X-Men, etc. I'll probably post more when I remember them, but just let it be known I'm a big MARVEL fan, and fantasy/fiction/action/adventure, and if there's a little bit of romance in there, that's OK too. I suck at writing it though. =)

Movies: The Italian Job-I recommend this fo pplz who like mini-coopers, girl-power, and backstabbing, thievery, and grudge-matches.

The Lord of the Rings is a brilliant representation of the books, so much fun to read/watch on a rainy day, or if you have a lot of time on your hands in general.

Star Wars- nuff said.

~*~ (My style of line breaks, _ later, etc)

I'm not going to be one to update my profile every week, honestly this is the second time I've updated it since I joined fanfiction what... three (four-five?) years ago.

I've Deleted two stories, one of which is Loves Penalty, sorry for those of you who had liked it my mental muse bunny railroad hit the cliff. Boom. Nothing left. Dead.

Life or a Werewolf Empath is under serious revision, so I've deleted that, it'll be back and less... Mary... Sue... Dang I'd made a Mary Sue, wwhhhhyyyy!!!??

Ahem. Above wailing aside, below are stories I'm working on wrapping up, and completed. Maybe a few to come. (wink wink.)

In Progress:

Deja Vu (My main focus, I want to wrap it up. It may also go under rather extreme revision if some people or the plot wolfie bies me and/or inspires me.)

Logans Daughter (trying to think up better name. =j. Personally I want to edit it, but I'm going to wait until I have everything else settled before I go picking through this mess of created of a fanfic page. =)


Thoughts (If ya wanna know what it's about read the summary. Just a few inches down.)

Utter and Complete Randomness (awaiting opinion if I should put up a sequel with Pirates of the Caribbean or X-men or something.)

Deleted: Sorry folks!

Loves Penalty. Anyone can adopt the idea, which is below:

Anakin finds Padme left for dead by his master, and the only place he can think of that would help her is a place he swore he would never return to: The New Jedi Temple.


Stories to Come:

Haven't thought up any titles for them, and one I'm considering to post might actually be a few snippets set during the Team X timeline, movie style though, sorry for anyone who is more comic-verse. I do try to slip in references here and there though. =)

I've also become absorbed into the good 'ol world of Avengers, so one of those may be forthcoming- if anyone has any ideas, they are welcome.

Now then. Stories are only a few inches down... GET READIN'.

And look at favorites if you're bored and want something to read.

Have fun!

(and a happy birthday or whatever holiday is closest to the time your reading this.)


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