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Howdy. I'm Darkeldar, and I guess I'm a writer. As of April 2019, my current focus is the Warhammer 40,000 story Nothing but a List of Names to Mark his Ascension, or as I refer to it "that Blood Ravens story". This story is in the same continuity as some of the stories by Arcsquad12, so I highly recommend his stories as well. They aren't needed to understand mine, but you will definitely see call backs and references. As I am currently in the last few chapters of an original novel, new chapters of fanfic may be delayed barring sporadic updates. However, once this draft is finished, I intend to focus on clearing out unfinished stories here.

My time is currently divided between NBLNMA (what a mouthful) and two original novels. So if you're wondering why there hasn't been an update in ages, there's your answer. Always happy to talk over PM about anything in particular. I like keeping up with my audience.


Nothing but List of Names to Mark his Ascension: In progress, next chapter delayed until my original novel draft 1 is finished.

Gilgamesh tries his Hand at: A new story, made to reduce writer's block and to have fun. My first foray into comedy and first person narration, so rocky ground is ahead. On indefinite hiatus.

Fate/EMIYA: A new story. I don't plan on it being too long, but it will follow Shirou's journey after the 5th Grail War until his death and employment as a Counter Guardian. This does not follow any of the routes in the original VN. On indefinite hiatus until I decide to rewrite or finish up.

The Wind that Led you Home: A short Wind-Waker story inspired by On Being Young by Guardian1. A short story on Tetra and Link's life post Wind-Waker. Experimental with regards to the 2nd person narrative and the passage of time. I'm quite proud of it, and feel that the prose is some of the best I've written.

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