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Hmm. I haven't started this yet since I became a member, so here I go.

I'm Yukihime211 and I really love writing. Whether it be fanfics or I make up my own. You could say that I'm somewhat of a manga freak and I am a huge procrastinator when it comes to school. -_-; I'm supposed to be doing homework right now... My favorite manga currently still in progress is Skip Beat!, La Corda D'oro, Lovely Complex, and Ouran High School Host Club. Sad to say, but I rarely read actual substantial books like most people should be doing. Hmm. Not sure what else I should say, but thank you to everyone who has been reading my story "Pieces of My Heart". Never in my life have I ever had so many people read my story. (I used to write mine in quizilla and didn't get too many people reading it. T-T)

Wow... it's been 5 1/2 years since I started this account. o_o I'm so old... TwT

Feel like RPing? Link below will send you to my forums Skip Beat!, Pokemon, Lovely Complex and Fruits Basket. I sadly deleted my Hetalia one on account of it dying. ;_; I couldn't bare to see it there, despite the 940 something posts. Started it up in 2011 and it kind of died around January of 2012. It was only a matter of time before I had to let it go. I may or may not start up a new forum in the Hetalia section though. Pretty much all of my forums died, so I'm in the process of deleting most of them sadly.

Update on all my projects: Planning on getting a new laptop and invest in a USB that WON'T break on me.

Here's the link:

Kind Words of Advice: In the process of rewriting.

UPDATE for Pieces of My Heart: Someday... someday I'll finish this story. *Goes in a corner for being an awful author*

Butterflies and Inscribed Initials: Sorry if it sucked to those that read it. -_- I actually felt sort of sad and wrote out a sort of poem, but after reading it, I thought it would work for Sakuya's situation. It took me a few hours to write it and I posted it on the spot. Probably needs to add more...something to make it special. I don't know...maybe more dialogue where Kaoru comforts her or gives her some advice. I might rewrite it if I get any input. Thanks.

Kokorohime: Chapter five will be up soon. I just need to get back into the habit of writing again. I have like twenty stories started that I try to write bits into, so sorry.

Sayonara Senpai, Hello Hosts in Training: OTL I'm working in it, bit by bit. Maybe I should just break down the chapter a little more... On the bright side, I think I've made my decision on which Oc's I'll be using for this story. :) Stay tuned.

Hm...Decided to get rid of all the excess stuff. I'll probably add more stuff here later.

The main characters in Kind Words of Advice: (Added in chronological order in which they were submitted)

Kanna Otani; Hiroshi Otani; Michi Takahashita; Haruhiko Fukagawa; Rei Nakao; Susumu Nakao; Kenji Suzuki; Nami Maitake; Takashi Kohori; Emiko Hashimoto; Arai Koizumi; Kaimei Kohori

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