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Hi :

I have been writing a story for a while now and I have been persuaded by my sisters ( gotta love 'em) to post it. The only problem that is preventing that is well... i don;t really know where it is.. :

I have been looking thorugh my email and have been unsucssseful. I had written during school and passed it in as an asignment. My teacher loved it and so did my friends. yay! Shorty after passing in my school copy i started to get i deas and like them. I wasnted to write a non-school version just to try it. I was having so much fun and i decided posting the story on youtube. ( I was unaware of this site then) I didn't get the esponse that i wanted since many other videos that weren't stories were more... umm...more common (best word i could come up with sorry ) on the site. Thus not many people were interested in my story.

I had left the sotry up for about 2 months and kept adding more chapters.

I ended up deleting the account since the lack of appreceation (sp) for for my sotry was such a downer. I still wrote more parts on word documents and was pretty content with keeping the story to myself.

Then, my Mother was drinking some wine or what not, and spilled it all over the laptop. gasp It crashed, and all my stories were gone.

Now, I'm going to try and get them back! :

I'll have to email my friends i sent the sotries to and hop to get them back. If not... oh well sucks for me.

Hope to post, and do it soon! :

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