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Im not native english, so any stories that are not beta'ed may have some grammar/language mistakes, but fortunately I've found a wonderful beta and Co-Author in Ca11iope :D


Im still alive and even though it took forever, there will be an update this weekend A tiny one.


Changes: Ch 4- Wip (about 30% done)

Have mercy: Ch 2 - Wip (done about 15%)

The Bet of the Year: Ch 40 - updated 28. Dec 2015

Still titleless oneshot(?): At least I hope it will be a oneshot. A huge one, but I want at least one shot ;_; About 60% done

A reason to celebrate (3rd part of Christmas fairy): Ch 1 -Wip

The Officers Medium: Ch 1 - Back from beta, will be udpated soon

various other fics: wip ._.

Descriptions/Information for Wips and finished fics:

Changes is a kink meme prompt, but developing. Original prompt: "Roy, who can't see anything is thankful for Riza for helping him out and kisses her...but instead he kisses Ed standing next to her. Was it all an accident, or did Roy plan it from the beginning? Ed does not know, but starts to fantasize about that men... May be slightly RoyAi as well". The plot is -again- undergoing some major changes and will be combined with another plot-idea. So, expect this fic to become another multi-chapter monster -.-!

Have mercy is my first fma story and will most likely include a lot of drama. Plot is currently undergoing some changes, so updates will take a while

The Bet of the year is my easy going one and most likely will get updated faster than the other stories, since it doesnt have a plot as big as most of them. Its mostly for fun (and for torturing Roy, which is quickly becoming one of my hobbies)

Spoilers for the first anime and the Conqueror of Shamballa - movie.

Fairy 'verse. The 'verse is centered about Roy and his suddenly expanded family, as the Colonel takes in his niece and nephew. First two fics Christmas Fairy and New Year are done, third fic A reason to celebrate will follow.

The (hopefully) oneshot: Basically, there are three main actions taking place in this fic: 1) Roy is confronted with a piece of his past 2) The readers get a a few insights into his relationship with Ed along with a bit of romance 3) ... I really cant write a fic without some citrus fruits

Possible future fics:

The Streets of East City: Alternative Universe & dark fic. The whole package with sex, drugs, drama, character death and a monster-plot and (hopefully) lots of evil schemes. Not exactly my priority right now ._.

Sequel to TBotY: uhm... no describtion, as that would include spoilers :D hopefully, action and romance (probalby the fic that will take the most time till its planned as its just a basic idea right now)

Yes, some humor-fics are planned as well, but I really need to finish at least one ongoing story before I start yet another plotbunny breeding ._.

A wolf in sheeps clothing - and vice versa: You thought Havoc's luck with woman was bad? Well, Roy Mustang is about to find out that its nothing compared to Heyman Breda's love life. How does he find out? Shou Tucker, head scientist of Amestris International Corp. - Biologic Research Center can answer that question.

Roy and Breda are both about to get a few lesson for live - and some unexpected oportunies. Thats a fic Im really looking forward to.

o.O Well... the list grows My plotbunnies breed way too fast ._. So... list is not complete


I still cant believe someone spent some time drawing a fanart for one of my fics :D Enjoy Bazooka-Banzai s fanart "Reap what you sow " (Chapter 7 - The Bet of the Year)

You can also check out my own livejournal http:// . At the moment its pretty empty XD but I will update some -hopefully- nice goodies in the future like fanarts etc.

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