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Things you should know:

I'm a hardcore Harry Potter fan. Anything to do with Harry Potter I love. I'm on the Quidditch team at my University.

If I could move anywhere, it'd be into the UK (they have the best tv!)

The majority of space on my iPod is taken up by Star Trek: The Original Series episodes.

My three favorite fics of all time are (not in any specific order. I could never rank them! I love them all exceedingly):

1. The Risk It Took To Blossom

2. Must Love Quidditch

3. Untouchable

Check them out! They are works of literary genius! Risk is a Spider-Man Au fic, MLQ is Harry Potter, and Untouchable is House, M.D.


I have a new favorite fic: My Own Interrupted Iowa! It's wonderful!! A Star Trek 2009 one, It's fantastic!

I enjoy a medley of fanverses on this wonderful site. It doesn't matter if you originally read it, watched it on tv, watched it on dvd: if there were attractive characters I'm on here and looking for fics about it! Though, in general, my favorites are:

Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Star Trek, Star Wars, House, Merlin, Fight Club... and so many others that aren't coming to mind right now!!

Anyways, as I'm hopelessly addicted, I must stop writing and be off!

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