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JD Thorn PM
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I am first and foremost a wife and mother of 4 children ages 29, 26, 17 & 15, so I'm a bit busy most of the time. I am obsessed with Twilight and Twilight Fan Fiction. I have been diagnosed with Severe Obsessive Cullen Disorder. I'm really a reader, not a writer, but I am taking a shot at it. Diving in head first to be precise. Probably into an empty pool! It may be awhile before I post, but not like 92 years awhile. (How long have you been 17? Awhile.) See, I'm obsessed. Everything I see and do makes me think of Twilight. I even have an Eclipse ribbon tattoo. And ok, maybe it will take me 92 years to post something readable.

Update November 2022: Still not posting, just reading and sometimes reviewing.

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