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I'm a 20-year-old girl from Hong Kong who achieve nothing from college.And I am super-fan of Harry Potter series and three hit TV Shows : CSI : Crime Scene Investigation & Grey's Anatomy & Ugly Betty.(They are awesome!!)

To be frank,I do hate J.K Rowling because she kills off most of my favourite charactors:

Firstly, Remus and Tonks should be alive together but NOT BE DEAD together!!

Secondly,Severus should not be killed by that bloody pet from the hairless pale freak.(Poor Severus,he should be together with Minerva too!!)

Thirdly,i don't really like "The Potter Boy" much,so don't ask !!

Although my English is not good as it is not my native ,I might try to accomplish one before Christmas(may be an one-shot story)

I have to say I enjoy reading your stories very much.I make me laugh and cry so hard that someone might think i am insane.

My daily pleasure mostly comes from you guys!!Anyway,thank you you all.

By the way,checking new stories and updates has become my hobby now!! XD

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