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Welcome! To my informative and unfinished and eh profile! To sum it up, I like reading, writing, anddddddd mostly reading.

UPDATE: currently active, be on loooow alert for new updates. No More Peace is now on hiatus instead of being discontinued—I'm not quite finished with it.

on another note im so freakin liek srsly sorry if i didnt pm you back or anything. its not because im uber mean or didnt like you, its cause i dont really use the email for this account a lot, so i wasnt able to see any of your messages sooner and im too painfully shy to reply back but liek ur all lovely tho

penname: (currently) biscotti gelato

likes: reading, books, One Piece, comic books, Marvel, breathing, Hannibal, TV shows w/ fantastic plot and characters, Attack on Titan, history, traveling, murder mysteries, mysteries, steak, fish, movies, always keeping the faith, music, tenors, apples, chocolate milk, gelato, water, tea, Rilakkuma, hockey, running, Transformers, The Sound of Music, Eurovision, Sherlock Holmes series, Harry Potter, k-pop, j-pop, k-dramas, RPGs, DC, singing, playing card games, cooking, being alone, quiet times, peaceful times, nostalgia, long sleeved shirts, funny things, anything that sparks my interest, salmiakki, hats, inspiration, the colours blue/black/red, bookstores, libraries, ignoring people, airport shops, Rick Riordan's novels, fried rice, YouTube videos

neutral feelings: writing ('cause I fail at it so much... /sobs/), my real name, sleeping, coffee, spicy food, natto, procrastination, helping, rain, hanging out with my friends (I prefer being alone a lot, though), makeup, doing laundry, straight hair, being sick, anime, manga

dislikes: celery, soft drinks/soda, chips, a lot of people, waiting in a line, writers block, hot weather, seeing something I want but can't buy, annoying people, losing interest in things, being forced to do something, wet hair, douchebags, idiots, really really sweet stuff, really really sour stuff, curry, wasting time, shopping with my family, egg yolk, being rushed, being interrupted from my business, when things are not quiet, sharing a room, sea monsters, lizards, purses, making coffee, drugs, alcohol, starving, taking pictures, bullying, bothersome people, tight clothing, being low on supplies, crying, short hair, orientations

we'll forget the past, dear, and learn to live for this

Pairings, I well, ship/like or am a hardcore fan of:

Harry Potter: Harry/Ginny, Severus/Lily, Neville/Luna, Scorpius/Rose, Oliver/quidditch, Lupin/Tonks, James/Lily, Draco/Hermione, Ron/Hermione, Cho/Harry and yeah a bunch of canon pairings okay?

One Piece: Robin/Zoro, Robin/Luffy, Ace/fire and any pairing with Robin really. I betcha can't tell who's my favourite character.

PJO: Percy/Annabeth, Beckendorf/Silena, Luke/Thalia, Luke/Annabeth, Leo/fire, Percy/Calypso, Maria/Hades, Jason/Piper, Travis/Katie, Frank/Hazel, Percy/Rachel, and yep.

FMA: Winry/Ed, Hoenheim/Trisha (cue sobs), Hawkeye/Mustang, and etc.

D. Gray-Man: Miranda/Noise, Kanda/Lenalee, Lavi/Allen, Lenalee/Reever, Link/dessert and it goes on.

Avengers or X-Men or Fantastic 4 or Spiderman: Hank/Janet, Tony/Pepper, the Vision/Wanda, Steve/Peggy, Clint/Natasha, Reed/Susan, Scott/Jean, Jessica/Tony, etc..

will continue when i have extra time

it's just a fantasy, taking over like a disease

current stories:

title: Memento Mori
categories: Harry Potter and Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack on Titan
summary: Maybe it was because of his constant bad luck, maybe it was another one of destiny's cruel games—but in an instant, Harry Potter and George Weasley end up in a strange place where humanity is on the brink of defeat—although, maybe it isn't something, but someone who is responsible.
notes: not entirely sure where to go with this, but I have a vague outline of what I want to happen...just cant put it into words yet... (1/8/15—I sweaaaaar I'm working on it)

title: La Vita È Magia
categories: Harry Potter and Katekyo Hitman Reborn
summary: Reborn decides Tsuna and his Famiglia should be trained in the art of magic, much to the young teen's dismay. The best place for learning such, you wonder? Obviously, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Set during GoF and after KHR ended.
notes: working on it, dont worry

further notes on stories: Scratch everything i said previously bout No More Peace. I will be writing moar.

And if anyone is wondering why I don't have book covers or whatever those things are for my stories is because: A) I'm too lazy to do that or B) all of the above.

All other in-progress stories are on indefinite hiatus (aside from C'est La Vie)because I suck and lost my inspiration for awhile. Yeah. I'm sorry!

Possible stories: ...something One Piece... or OUAT

don't forget me... we fight together

manga or anime I've read (really just here so i can keep track)

Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin # Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler # Emma # One Piece # Ouran High School Host Club # D. Gray-Man # Black Rock-chan # Black Rock Shooter - Innocent Soul # Otoyomegatari/A Bride's Story # Axis Powers Hetalia # Pandora Hearts # Ao No Exorcist # Persona 3 # Persona 4 # Chibi-san Date # Death Note # Yu-Gi-Oh! # Yu-Gi-Oh! GX # Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's # Another # Durarara!! # Baccano!! # Fullmetal Alchemist # Katekyo Hitman Reborn # Toradora # Boy & Cool # Mamacolle # Dear Mine # Moe Kare!! # Koko Ni Iru Yo! # Chibi Vampire # Kiken Junai D.N.A # Inuyasha # Private Prince # Card Captor Sakura # Fruits Basket # Ranma # Bleach # Naruto # Shugo Chara # Tokyo Mew Mew # School Rumble # Rust Blaster # Bijin Kakumei # Fushigi Yuugi # Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden # D N Angel # Otomen # Boy of the Female Wolf # Love in the Mask # Absolute Boyfriend # Ayashi no Ceres # Sergeant Frog # Boys Before Flowers # Buso Renkin # Chobits # Imadoki # Goong # Yoru Cafe #

in december, drinking horchata, i'd look psychotic in a balaclava

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