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Who am I? This is a question I ask myself daily.

Am I a writer? Am I a creator or a consumer? Am I a Man or a Woman? Am I Human?

Do I hide behind labels? Do I ascribe to the idea of a simple arbitrary label to define myself?

I want this profile to reflect that I challenge myself to think outside all of the boxes. That my stories, though not possessing of unique characters and settings, have a unique meaning. A reflection of my core values that I hold dear, but always check against reality to assure myself they are justified. Having and keeping an open mind does not mean that every idea should take root, just that they should be considered in context and examined against my core values.

I am a huge Ranma 1/2 fan but as the original material continues to age, and less and less fanfiction is written about Ranma, I find myself at a crossroads. Great authors like claymade, weebee, Sunshine Temple, and a few others have kept Ranma fanfiction alive. But even these titans of fiction have slowed down. In some cases, a story might get a new chapter every 3 years or so, at best. So I find myself taking up the mantle of Ranma fanfiction. Taking the Ranma cast and throwing them at contemporary issues might be fun after all.

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