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My name is Annie, im 21, i work at a mini-mart which i love because i get to read about one book a day working there. i love in Portland oregon. I dont have much of a life outside of work and home and books are so expesive that i read on here alot, there are some very good writers on this site. Every now and then i might get a creative streak going and i'll attempt to write a fic but anyone who knows me knows that i cant write, cant spell, and i have no grammer so if you see a fic posted by me i wont feel bad if noone reads it and or gives it a bad review. I will add favorites to my list but i love everything so beware because they could have some stuff you might not like. Feel free to send me a message or email me and if you are brave enough to see my pics i do have a myspace accound under the email addy Impish_devil667@. I never check this email so dont bother sending anything to it i just use it for my myspace. If you add me just add a note saying that your from FF.N. I love to talk about books/movies/TV/Fics that i've read or seen so dont be shy about talking to me.

Just a few of my favorite catagorys:

Firefly/Serenity(i miss this show.)

Harry potter years 1-4 sometimes 5

Robert Heinlein books

JB Robb(Nora Roberts pen name for her mistery books (Very fantastic series But sadly not allowed on this site.)


Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (gotta love a 16 year old who can kick demon ass)

Fifth Element(i have no idea if that is spelled right)

A Knights Tale

Pitch Black and Riddick

Repo! (very good movie)

Rocky Horror Picture Show (Let's do the Time Warp again!)

Resident Evil movies 1, 2, and 3 (And 4 is coming soon, I cant wait!)

The Mummy 1, and 2 (3 kinda sucks, I mean really.)

The Scream Movies (They Rock!)

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