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It's been a fun ride but I feel it's time to move on and away from fanfic.

Hello everyone not sure who gonna see this but i decided to up date my profile.

NAME: David my last name i don't like giving that out to people but when people find out and call me by my full name it just bugs me even when they're adults

AGE: 23 (this is what made me deside to update)

Birth Date: Guess

Hobbies: i like drawing

Not much no more after i finsihed day school

My life story: Age 1 thourgh Middle school, i stayed back in the 3rd grade (can't remember much during this time). Middle school i stopped doing homework. High school and beyond became a D/F student, stayed back again in the 11th grade, dropped out of day school and went to night-school during the 12th grade and then graduated.

NOTE: Night school best decision of my life

My life story on FanFic: It all started on accident. While Wiki-ing some random in formation i learned that Golden Sun had it's own Wiki page (i was like 'what the hell how does this have its own wiki page?'). After exploring Golden Sun i learned about its various shipping it holds, so i decided to read one with my favorite two, it turned out to be a life changing decision for me. After that i didnt do much on FanFic but after looking through all my video games trying to figure out what to play i saw Pokemon (i was like 'oh shit'). At first i was an AAML fan i mean come on who isn't when you grew up during season one? After reading a bunch of AAML stories i Pressed 'Backspace' too many times and landed on the everything page without knowing it. I read one of the description it sounded good so i read it. After i was done i was confuse as hell, great story but where were 'ash n' misty?' when returning to the selection page i found out i read a Paul n' Dawn story (never thought about this pairing but i liked alot). After i knew a whole new door opened up in my life.

:Pokemon: pairing i like

AshxMisty it started it all

PaulxDawn i like girly dawn with serious paul

DrewxMay dont know how this paining works but they look nice together

BrockxNurse Joy it just makes sense to me

BrockxSabrina read a story and its back ground and liked it

Pokemon Character i don't like

Gary he's an ass

Kenny he's an ass don't like him, why? don't know, i don't even picture the right person for him in my head

:Golden Sun: pairing i like

IssicxMia they're the main character its basic why i like this

:Code Geass: love this show more than i thought i would have

LLxCC love this, needed closeure

Everyone else i accept

Yep Yep and that is my lifes story so far (sad right?)

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