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Thanks for taking the time to read my stories and caring enough to look at my profile.

I'm a pretty boring person. I am an adult female, I have a job, I have pets, and I am in a relationship. I love to travel, read, and enjoy writing whenever possible.

I'm a novice writer and I'm using this medium to channel artistic energies. Please be kind, I'm not a profession. LOL.

All the very best to you and yours.


Note to readers regarding my fic in progress:

New Sheriff In Town:

Regarding my New Sheriff fic, I wanted to write a story about a real human, not a super human, not a fairy or other supernatural, but about a real human woman who is thrust into a new situation that is beyond anything she's ever encountered. At times, I want the reader to wonder how they would react if this really happened to them.

I want the reader to laugh with her (Jo), and at her, and join her on her journey of into this new world - new reality - that is full of supernaturals.

She'll learn how to trust and love - but it's a tough road, full of fun angst and sexual tension (wink, wink).

One last thing, she does have some special skills that she's learned while being a cop and being in the military. She's loyal, brave, a quick learner, and she understands the male ego. But most importantly, she realizes that things in life aren't always black or white, there's a lot of grey.

The is AU and uses the show and the books as an outline, with many of the same characters, plus new ones.

Thanks for reading and please leave comments, it keeps me motivatied. (No joke!)

Whenever I read a fanfic, I leave a comment, it's the least I can do. They've gone to a lot of trouble and want nothing in return but a kind word or two. It's the same with me. A few words are truly a kindness that I would really appreciate.

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