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I'm from the Middle-East of Europe.

I'm not an author, have never even tried to write something. The sole reason why I registered is that I love reading fanfics and after I've read so many wonderful stories I've felt the need to tell the authors how much I enjoy their works.

My only interest is Stargate Atlantis and particularly John Sheppard. I love whump stories and romantic stories. What I've never read and will never read is slash and I'm not a fan of Sheyla either. I've started out as a hardcore Sparky fan but thanks to the wonderful people I've met over at GateWorld I am now more open to the stories where John is paired with someone who wasn't originally in SGA.

For any author who's reading this: Thank you for giving me unforgettable moments with your stories! It brightens my days to be able to read fics about my favourite character written by people who love him just as much as I do.

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