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Hey everyone, this is Dinexa Writer XV (15). I am a big fan of Invader Zim, Nightmare Before Christmas, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Pokemon. (Such a strange list. O.o) And... yeah. I love writing stories... and all that good junk. Yeah... don't know what to talk about personally.



GIR- If you don't like GIR, you're freakin INSANE! What is there not to like about GIR?

Gaz- Gaz cracks me up. She just does.



Jack Skellington- WHAT IS THIS?! bonk That's a pole. XD Same as GIR, there's nothing you can't like about Jack. And he has a sexy singing voice. Big Plus.

Sally- I love Sally. She's amazing. I don't get how Jack doesn't notice her sometimes.

Oogie Boogie- He's an amazing villian. He didn't have much of an alibi, but is still very evil!

Lock, Shock, and Barrel- I love these three! They are evil, kinda cute, and hilarious!


Riku- HE'S SO HOT!

Kairi- Kairi is OK, I guess.

Namine- Namine is epic! An artist with the ability to change fate? AMAZING!

Maleficent- She's the best villian ever! Epicially amazingly EVIL!

Organization XIII- I don't like all the members, but over all they're a pretty cool team.


Squall Leonhart- Do I have to explain it?

Cloud- Again, do I have to explain?

Rinoa- Rinoa is amazing! I'm a bit of a romantist, and love pairings more than get fangirlly.

Aerith- Aerith is amazing, and I pair her with Cloud alot. Don't like Tifa too much.


Ash- Ash cracks me up. He's just so funny.

Pikachu- PIKACHU! I wanna squeeze him!

May- May is epic. And she's pretty... not saying I'm gay.

Dawn- No need to worry! Like Ash, she cracks me up.


Jack and Sally- Sure, Jack has a sexy singing voice and cracks me up, but I love this pairing too much to be jealous of Sally.

Lock and Shock- everyone has a crack pairing, and that is mine.

Cloud and Aerith

Squall and Rinoa

Sora and Kairi

Advanceshipping (Ash and May)

Pearlshipping (Ash and Dawn)

Characters I Created

Ruby - Ruby is Jack and Sally's daughter, brought to life by Dr. Finkelstein. She has a faulty voice box, when it isn't getting robbed from her, so she can't talk. She really cares for both her parents, and can fight a battle pretty well.

Kia - Kia is the Invader sent by the Almighty Tallest to assist Zim in taking over Earth. She made her debut in So that's why it's called a crush...

SIR-ETTE - SIR-ETTE is a new kind of SIR. She has a bit more emotion in her, and can think and plan for her own. She assisted Kia in So that's why it's called a crush...

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