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UPDATE: 11/5/11

I'm sorry! I know I've been like the anti-updater LOL

I'm busy. I can probably guess you've heard that a million times already from like a million different people. I have school.

And whenever I have free time to get on the computer, Facebook just like whores it all up :'D

But I promise, I absolutely promise, I will update by Thanksgiving.

Maybe. :'D

Hello, glorious people! Welcome to my profile; would you like a cup of tea?

Sorry, I ain't got none :) But you can continue reading if you like~

Anyway, you can call me Vidka. I enjoy Pokemon games and K-pop and anime and-- yep, you guessed it. I'm Asian :'D

I do love all of my friends on this site very much, so if any of you are reading this, I'm sorry for late replies. I'm only a Vidka.

Writing: Advice? Only three words-- read a book. An actual, published book. The kind with pages that they sell in a store, you know. That's the perfect example of how your title, summary, and grammar should be like. Don't follow after other writers who have a lot of reviews just for the sake of them. There's a balance of fangirl writers and literate authors on this website, and trust me-- the literate authors can give pretty harsh reviews if you're sensitive. In fact, some of you might already be on Goose-chick's list~ Anyway, yeah. Read a book and take that as your good example. A praising review from a good writer is a lot more rewarding than ten reviews from spazzy fangirls.

I do review on occasion, maybe if you asked me too I might. Some of the reviews I've given out before were constructive criticsm, and looking back on it today I felt really harsh about giving them out. If I come across a bad fic, I will review it but I'm going to be nicer so don't cringe at the name of Vidka. I'm not the type of person who goes on and reviews every single chapter of a story, so don't think I'm holding something against you if I only review one chapter and never again :D

Pairings I Like: I love so many pairings, but since I've only written for Shugo Chara, let's talk about that. Rimahiko is my favorite pairing from the anime, hands down. Amuto vs. Tadamu? I used to love Amuto, but then Tadamu is very sweet, too. I'm still leaning on the Amuto side since their relationship seems to have a lot more communication, but the fandom is shaking my faith a little ): I like Kutau. I don't care much about Yairi since not too much of their relationship has been elaborated on. Actually, that's the only reason why I would write about them, so I can elaborate on their relationship with my strange, pervy imagination~! (I'm not that big of a pervert D:)

Me: I told you earlier. I like Pokemon games, K-pop, and anime :D

Buh-bye :D

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