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Hi folks!
My name is Margo, and I'm a proud Twilight-addict.

It's been since August 2009 that thanks to a boring Wednesday afternoon my world changed.
A friend of mine was renting Twilight and she brought me to idea's. I also rented it , straight away... And I must say, I was bitten.

Team Edward or Team Jacob? Well, to be honest I have the same problem as Bella, I can't choose ! :P
So, when I'm reading TwiFanfiction, I can easily switch teams. Right now I'm kinda into a Wolfpack phase (Phase xD)

I live in the rainy Belgium., but I'm dreaming of moving to the US one day ^^

My hobbies? Well, I love to write and read and playing my guitar.
When I'm reading actual books, I love to read fantasy.
And I'm aslo heavely addicted to Twilight FF.

My favourite Twilight character?
From the vampires, it's Alice of course, she's totally adorable!
I also have a favourite wolf, that's Embry

My favourite music? That would be rock and alternative music.
I am totally in love with 'The Maine'... John'Oh, Garrett, Pat, Jared and Kennedy... They're the most talented guys.
And I hope to see them live, they rock live =)

I hope y'all will like my stories, and that you all enjoy Twilight as much as I do.
Stephenie Meyer is my hero, she's brought the most beautiful, gorgeous and adorable characters into this world.
Thank you Stephenie!



For my story 'Everglow: Story of the Saved Ones', I have an incredible Beta: Lexington Rose :)
Make sure you read her story 'Bulletproof', it's awesome

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